Using Fedora for the First Time: How it Feels

After my tryst with Ubuntu a couple of months ago, I have now installed Fedora 11 on my system and trying to get my hands on this wonderful Linux distro. This is the first time I am using Fedora and am yet to get full knowledge of its varieties from Ubuntu.

At present, my touchpad is not working to the full as it does not take clicks when I tap on the touchpad. All else seems to be fine though at the first instance, it did not pick my Apple wi-fi connection.

The color and font scheme is bit different from Ubuntu and I am certain that there are lots of other things that I am gonna explore. I am able to use Pidgin as usual and hope to acquaint myself with more software from KDE also, which I have never used till now.

One of the major difference I found in Ubuntu and Fedora is its frequency and effectiveness of updates–Ubuntu used to pick them up pretty easily but Fedora is crashing my software updates till now. All else seems fine till now.

Lokesh Goyal, who helped me enter into the realm of Linux, tells me that we will have to do a bit of manual updates in Fedora for software and certain types of packages.

Being a total new user to Fedora, I won’t comment much on it but feels at home because of prior exposure to Ubuntu and knowing certain types of commands that work and do not work in Linux. Will keep you posted about how I feel while I keep using Fedora.

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