Month Names in Tamil from English

Your search for Tamil month names ends here as we provide the names of Tamil months with their corresponding period to the solar calendar which uses English month names.

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List of Month Names in Tamil from English

Month Names in TamilMonth Names in English
சித்திரைmid-April to mid-May
வைகாசிmid-May to mid-June
ஆனிmid-June to mid-July
ஆடிmid-July to mid-August
ஆவணிmid-August to mid-September
புரட்டாசிmid-September to mid-October
ஐப்பசிmid-October to mid-November
கார்த்திகைmid-November to mid-December
மார்கழிmid-December to mid-January
தைmid-January to mid-February
மாசிmid-February to mid-March
பங்குனிmid-March to mid-April

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