Some Rajnikanth jokes around Cricket

1. Rajnikanth always bowls a Yes-ball. Nobody can say “No” to Rajnikanth.

2. Once Rajnikanth was batting. There was an appeal from the bowler. However, the umpire signaled a sixer. Why?

The ball hit Rajnikanth’s stumps and went for six runs.

3. As a bowler, Rajnikanth made a lot of batsman retired hurt. Either the batsmen retired due to the fear of facing Rajnikanth or they got hurt facing him.

4. Rajnikanth was never troubled by the in-coming yorker. No ball dared to come to him.

5. Once Rajnikanth swung wildly at a bouncer–the ball disappeared into the sky and broke away the barriers of gravity. After much discussion as to how many runs should be awarded, the match was abandoned due to climatic conditions.

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