ShopSee – The Window To Shopping With Your Friends Online

Social media and digital technology have completely changed the way we do things. Most of our day to day activities today happens online than offline. Our smartphones, those tiny handheld devices with internet connectivity let us do a lot of things from where we are, without having to move around. Whether you want to shop, connect with friends, pay your bills, send or receive money, get to know some information, products or businesses, find locations and reach there, track your mails and parcels, and a lot of other things, your smartphone can do all that for you quickly and conveniently. For each and every activity you want to do online, there are a lot of innovative apps you will find. You just have to choose the ones that provide you the best features, tools, and facilities to accomplish what you want.


ShopSee – Online shopping redefined

ShopSee is an amazing app that has made shopping a fun and enjoyable activity. If you would ask if it is yet another eCommerce store to source your supplies, the answer is ‘No’. The creators of ShopSee have tried to address an important need among online shoppers. Yes, ShopSee simultaneously lets you connect with your friends and also do the shopping in a highly interesting and more productive way. ShopSee is the ultimate avenue to do shopping together with your friends without having to travel as a group to the physical shopping locations.

How ShopSee changes the way you shop

ShopSee is a highly innovative and resourceful app. ShopSee makes it possible for you to shop with your friends. So, shopping is more fun and enjoyable now. You can share with them what you are looking forward to buying and get quick feedback from them. Hence ShopSee can make shopping a more sociable and productive experience.

What has changed with your shopping now

ShopSee is not an online store. It is a window to the ocean of online shopping world. Once the app is installed on your mobiles phones, you can go shopping together with your friends. You can all be in your own places but can do the shopping by virtually staying together on this app learning about products, discussing on them, sharing your ideas and exchanging views. You can all browse through the products together as you will do in a physical store. You can all benefit from the new ideas you can discover from each other. So, ShopSee has taken the shopping experience to the next level assuring the best satisfaction out of the process.

How it works with ShopSee

To be able to use the incredible features of ShopSee, the users need to download this app from and install it on their phones.

If any of your friends already have ShoSee installed on their mobiles, they will get a notification that you wish to chat with them.

In case they do not have this app installed on their phones, the app will send a personalized SMS on your behalf asking your friends to download the app. Once your friends have this app installed, you can chat or call on the things you wish to buy online. Among the users of ShopSee, it is possible to start one to one conversation. The other interesting feature lets you start a group topic involving one or more friends. Ability to store all the conversations, review conversations, and co-browsing are some highly innovative and useful features that can help transform your shopping experience.

ShopSee Interesting features and resources

  • The app comes with a calling feature. Calls are absolutely free.
  • You can either make on-to-one calls or add up to 5 friends to the call.
  • The chat tool makes it possible to chat on your ideas as you shop.
  • You can create new topics on shopping and send invites to friends to join the discussion.
  • Chat tool provides access to one tap FAQs and ratings for a rapid chat.
  • You can store and go through your conversations on each of the items any time you want.
  • You will know who liked an item and what comments they make on it.

Why ShopSee is a unique app

ShopSee has completely revolutionized the shopping experience to the users. It is an incredible idea to be able to shop with your friends, particularly when you need to make some important purchases or group purchases. While you take advantage of the convenience of shopping on your mobiles, you can see the same things that your friends see. You can talk on the alternatives and call or chat about the things you have discovered. You need not share the links to products or shopping sites. There is no hassle of swapping from one app to the other. Everything happens so clearly and without any confusion, as you are sure of the items your friends are talking about. You all get to see the same thing at the same time. Hence ShopSee makes the shopping lovers love their shopping much more.

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