Sanskrit Declension of masculine noun Krishna

Sanskrit declensions are varied and you have to take care of the ending vowel of every noun before you start making the use of various forms of that word according to various cases called vibhaktis.

In this article, we present the declensions of the Sanskrit word Krishna–कृष्ण, which is a masculine word ending with the vowel अ.

I (Subject)कृष्णः (Kṛṣṇaḥ)कृष्णौ (Kṛṣṇau)कृष्णाः (Kṛṣṇāḥ)
II (To, Object)कृष्णम् (Kṛṣṇam)कृष्णौ (Kṛṣṇau)कृष्णान् (Kṛṣṇān)
III (With, By)कृष्णेन (Kṛṣṇena)कृष्णाभ्याम् (Kṛṣṇābhyām)कृष्णैः (Kṛṣṇaiḥ)
IV (For)कृष्णाय (Kṛṣṇāya)कृष्णाभ्याम् (Kṛṣṇābhyām)कृष्णेभ्यः (Kṛṣṇebhyaḥ)
V (From, Than)कृष्णात् (Kṛṣṇāt)कृष्णाभ्याम् (Kṛṣṇābhyām)कृष्णेभ्यः (Kṛṣṇebhyaḥ)
VI (Of)कृष्णस्य (Kṛṣṇasya)कृष्णयोः (Kṛṣṇayoḥ)कृष्णानाम् (Kṛṣṇānām)
VII (In, On)कृष्णे (Kṛṣṇe)कृष्णयोः (Kṛṣṇayoḥ)कृष्णेषु (Kṛṣṇeṣu)
Vocativeहे कृष्ण (He Kṛṣṇa)हे कृष्णौ (He Kṛṣṇau)हे कृष्णाः (He Kṛṣṇāḥ)

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