Review of Hotel Kochi Caprice, Ernakulam, Kerela

While choosing a hotel to stay in Ernakulam, I had to search quite a bit because I had a family (3 kids, my wife, and me). There are not many staying options available for a mid-sized budget if you are looking for a family room. Staying in two separate rooms was out of question because it surely destroys the idea of a family vacation.

After reading a lot of reviews on various booking sites, I decided to stay in Hotel Kochi Caprice. The reviews particularly pointed out that the hotel was clean and rooms were neat. As it happened, it was the only hotel that offered a well-maintained family room that has 4 beds.

I stayed in Hotel Kochi Caprice from March 23 to March 28, 2017. The hotel is not very big but very clean yes. Here are some pointers that may help people who would like to stay there:

  1. Hotel is very clean–rooms are neat and house-keeping is good.
  2. TV, refrigerator, and wi-fi work well.
  3. There is a cupboard, shoe-rack and a table and chair.
  4. Breakfast is offered in the restaurant just adjascent to the reception, which is small and presently has only 5 tables, which means it can serve only 20 people at a time. This is often a cause of trouble and delay.
  5. Lunch and dinner are served in the room. Service is slow and not too many options are available. However, because you will be touring the city, you may not find it too big a criterion.
  6. There is no food joint or outlet nearby. So, you will need to plan your eating timing accordingly.
  7. Hot water is usually available all the time but sometime due to over-usage, you will have to do without it.
  8. They have queen-size beds and therefore you can have a child sleeping with you if you booked a regular room. They do provide extra mattress for around 500 INR per day.
  9. Lighting in the room and cooling (through split AC) is good.
  10. They have well-maintained lift that can accommodate almost 5 people at a time. Staff is good and helpful. However, their cabs are costly. Local mobile-based taxis are a good option.

Overall, a decent hotel with beautiful rooms. I would recommend this hotel to anyone with that kind of mid-size budget.

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