New Rajnikanth jokes from an engineering college

1. Rajnikanth passed out from all streams of engineering in the very first year.

His degree still reads a 4-year course.

2. Rajnikanth got his placement before he joined engineering.


He was asked to join the a campus so that the company could finish their paper-work.

3. When Rajnikanth joined the college, all types of learning like video-learning, e-learning, etc. were taken out.

R-learning became the new buzzword.

4. To show his patronage to all the engineering colleges of the area, Rajnikanth allowed all of them to mark him as their alumnus.


Rajnikanth does not choose anyone. He lets all to choose him.

5. When Rajnikanth became engineer, they reversed the initials to be spelled as “Re.” instead of “Er.” in respect of his monumental stature.

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