Mayur Dhaba is costlier than McDonalds

It was after almost 2 years that I got the chance to have a pit-stop at the famous Mayur Dhaba. This food joint is situated on the outskirts of Karnal on the National Highway I towards Kurukshetra. This Dhaba often gives me strange things to observe in terms of business operations. One of them, I had discussed here. While traveling from Delhi to Patiala or reverse, you get a chance to stop here if you have picked up a Roadways non-AC bus.

This time, I noticed that they were selling a aaloo tikkie burger at a higher price than McDonald. If you have traveled somewhere in India, you will realize that the price of burgers across various cities may vary and going for an Aaloo tikkie burger from McDonald or from KFC for that matter is not costly at all.

If you are eating at a McDonald’s outlet, you are sitting inside an air-conditioned atmosphere and where you will feel that it is more hygenic. However, Mayur Dhaba does not enjoy any of these facilities.

Then, what makes the stuff sell at this join?

With some intriguing arrangement, this joint gets all the buses from various state roadways and corporations stopping while going towards Delhi or coming from Delhi. The passengers have to anyway buy something to eat or drink, whatever the price may be. They simply don’t have any other option. So, whatever the price is set by the joint, they will buy it and the business keeps going on.

One unique feature of this Dhaba is that its layout keeps changing from time to time.

What other tactics this dhaba adopts:

  1. Not selling 300 ml cold-drink bottles though they are stashed in the refrigerators.
  2. Not selling bigger packets of Lays but only of Uncle Chips (does sell the smaller packets of Lays at a price of bigger ones)
  3. Selling almost all the items at a higher cost that usual

Why don’t some nice food joint does what Mayur Dhaba does?

My question behind writing this article is that why not some nice food chain opt for the options that this Dhaba has got to make buses stop at his place. Why passengers have to go for cheaper options, which are actually costing more? Why can’t there be a business model that is more organized?

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