IPL 7 and business ideas around this event

As you might be aware, the player’s auction has been already held for the 7th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) for the season of 2014.

There are great chances that the event will be held outside India to avoid dates clash with the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

We will talk about some business ideas that can be geared for this event:

  • Business of IPL T-shirts

Some people will already be on it. They would be raising a good inventory of IPL T-shirts that they can sell to the fans who support various teams playing in this tournament. These T-shirts can be sold on various online portals.

  • News and scores portal

Fans would love to know what’s happening in the world of IPL. The progress and matches could be integrated into an app perhaps. Lots of users love to know the updates on their smartphones. Developing an app could be a business idea. At the same time, social media could also be used as a good tool for building a portal, where later on, advertisement model can be adopted for revenue generation.

  • Cafe’s and bars

Cafes and bars or even perhaps shopping malls can show IPL matches live to bring in crowd and sell their products. This practice is hugely popular on weekends. Because this time the event will be hosted outside India, there are greater chances that people will love to watch the match on a big screen.

  • Screening the matches in a cinema or an amphitheatre

The event is hosted outside India. It means fans can’t buy tickets and go matches in various cities where they will be held. This opens business opportunities for cinemas or amphitheatres, as they can charge fans for showing the match on a large screen.

  • Sports equipment

It is obvious that while the IPL tournament would be going on, the madness of the fans would spill over and there would be an increase in the purchase of Cricket equipments. Companies can think of tapping that potential by launching team specific bats, helmets, balls, etc.

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