Google Adsense check carries Google +1 stickers

Have you received your recent payment check from Google Adsense?

I have.

Google +1 stickers
Google +1 stickers

What’s new? It carries four sticker of Google +1. A simple way of marketing a product while sending out something necessary to your clients/users of another product.

Well, Google offers most of its applications for free. Only a handful of products among the plethora are paid. So, why Google is spending money on a free product. Well, as far as I know, it is about creating your user base and then introducing your paid products.

Google offers free search to million of users but it also serves ads by advertisers that pay Google in the search results. The more users Google have using their free search, the more chances it gets to serve the ads–probability gives more chances to make money.

Since the launch of Google +1, I have not used it even once though I was keen to get an account on it, which I did. Facebook, the main competitor, has too much usage options in the daily life that it becomes very hard for all of your contacts to move to a new venue. However, Google +1 does offer new options to connect to people from various walks of life.

The other reason behind sending these stickers could be: Google wants to push the product because it has noticed that users are finding it difficult to leave FB. Marketing strategies does endorse aggressive advertising if you have to beat a competitor that seems next to impossible. So, by introducing their product by simple means, Google wants to make it present in the daily life of its users.

P.S.: I am going to use these stickers on my laptop, netbook, etc. [:P]


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