Find God–become an entrepreneur!

“There is an entrepreneur dormant and hidden in everyone!”

This is the observation that I got when I started working in a magazine that focused on entrepreneurship eco-system around 3 years ago.  The feeling has strengthened its roots as I moved around and try to look at various aspects of life. Interestingly, a similar kind of observation prevails in the field of spirituality also.

“There is divinity dormant and hidden in everyone!”

This is something common to every religion of the world. The highest principles of all the religions are based on universality and omnipresence of God, which happens to permeate everything and literally everything. The catch, of course, for human beings remains to uncover this within themselves. They have to bring forth this spark of divinity and shine in it grandeur.

On the flip-side, this is what the art of entrepreneurship is–agreed that there is an entrepreneur latent in everyone of us but it requires efforts to make it patent. Just like finding God in oneself, finding an entrepreneur in oneself requires following various paths of discipline, dedication and doing things not usually understood by others or even appreciated. So, finding an entrepreneur inside you is like finding God in you–it is there, you have to uncover it!

We will have a quick peep into the world of spirituality comparable to the world of entrepreneurs:

Habit 1: Self-Control

Without doubt, self-control is the starting point for any person who wants to walk down the path of spirituality. The aspirant has to put control on its senses and tune to the calling of conscience. Similarly, an entrepreneur, often boot-strapping has to put a control on his style of living and natural instincts. He has to survive on bare minimum so as to pull along till the idea clicks.

Habit 2: Do-it-Yourself

You can’t buy spirituality from others. It is for you and by you. You have to work on your own development but you can’t skip doing what is required all by yourself. Though you may have the privilege of a guide or a guru, but efforts are needed from your side. Similarly, you can’t buy entrepreneurship. You have to undergo various phases of development before you come to know about it and get a hands-on experience. Though you can have a mentor but you can’t skip doing everything yourself before you come to taste the success.

Habit 3: Differently Common

Spiritual aspirants find it difficult in the beginning to gain approval of others around them. The crowd seems to be moving away from the path that they happen to choose. But the journey of the self is a lonely one till the aspirant gains ground and come to meet the fellow-travelers. Similarly, an entrepreneur finds it very difficult to make others believe in his idea. He often has to take the plunge alone and wade through the difficult waters till the results start coming and people realizing that it had potential. Team members join to bring further success to the entrepreneur.


You will notice the spark of entrepreneurship in everybody. A mother is also an entrepreneur. A farmer is an entrepreneur. A doctor is an entrepreneur and even a cart-puller is an entrepreneur. The essence is same for all the walks of life, which is true if we discuss spirituality. Essence of everything is divine.

While I started writing this article, there was a welling desire to continue it like a series. A lot of similarities propped up in the journey of a spiritual aspirant and an entrepreneur. I am not sure whether I will continue the series but I would like to hear what my readers say about this observation. Comments would be welcome!

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  1. The above thoughts are really appreciable.Only the person who find God in oneself can become a good entrepreneur as in accordance with my point of view one will get the positive attitude towards his work and will follow discipline,dedication,patience which helps in good decision making. and finding God will ignite the spark of enthusiasm and provides mental stability and peace of mind which act as a fuel in path of becoming an enterpreneur.So help yourself and be an entrepreneur as God help those who help themselves.

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