Entrepreneurial ideas around water

Fresh water used for irrigationWater–the essence of life on earth and elsewhere. The universal mixture provides what it takes to make life possible. However, in the present times, the shortage of drinking or potable water has made it one of the most commonly-used rarity. States and nations fight over the right on water and so do local denizens of communities and colonies.

Going back to some Vedic texts, it is declared that the earth emerges from water. If you see the composition of earth or the elements found on earth, you will notice that it is the most abundant one. Yet, the scarcity of water is a cliché used throughout the world.

“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is clearly Ocean.” — Arthur C. Clarke

Rain water harvestingWhat entrepreneurs can do about this? Right from drinking water, irrigation, cleaning, manufacturing, production, and almost everything uses water. As an entrepreneur, do you feel you can have a business around creating clean water or more specifically “usable water”?

  1. Water Desalination
  2. Water recycling (Reclaiming)
  3. Rain Water Harvesting
  4. Water Retention
  5. Equipments and means that use less water

All these processes offer business and entrepreneurial opportunities at different scales. The idea is to make a difference and be innovative.

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