Criss-crossing of fibres strengthens Entrepreneurship

Workers at a Metro Railway Construction Site in Delhi

Looking at this picture, what comes to your mind? Anything related to efforts, concern, precision and continuity? These workers criss-cross these iron bars to make them fibers of strength that would sustain the weight of metro-railway and carry whole load of passengers and commuters.

An entrepreneur criss-crosses in the same vein. While he/she develops an idea, a lot of effort, concern, precision and continuity goes into it. There are, often, no easy pathways to success. A dedicated effort is always required and you won’t find it more demanding if you are looking to start something on your own.

Have you ever thought to become an entrepreneur? Are you already an entrepreneur? Are you a start-up and followed the same pattern? Are you a success and an example to others?

Write to us to tell you story!

(Photo taken near Nizamuddin Bridge, Delhi)

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