Cheap and best laptops in India

There was a time around 2005 when I used to buy a new laptop every year. For three consecutive years, I did it—my first and only choice was Dell. It was not a cheap option but the best (at least at that time). Why? Well, because they offered on-site guarantee and it was a great experience to not to visit a store and get the required service at your own home.

What their customer service did to me resulted in me being their brand ambassador for many of my friends and acquaintances in the town. I would imagine that I would have recommended 20-odd people to buy Dell laptops during those times.

However, with changing time, popularity of their brand, and of course irregularities in customers’ demands, the customer services of Dell were hit—so were their material and quality of computers. This is where I started exploring other brands like Lenovo and even Acer.

I stopped recommending Dell laptops to my friends or anybody who asked me. My advice was to shop around. Ecommerce model picked up in India and sites like Amazon, FlipKart, and even Snapdeal offered a great insight about various laptop models. Then there came review sites who provided a thorough insight about the hardware, software and even the slightest of variations owing to the brands or the models. This is of course very helpful for a customer.

Customers started searching on Google for articles like 10 Best Laptops Under Rs 20,000 in India (2017) | Review Station so that they could get the list of laptops that would fall in the particular budget limit.

It became really easy for customers to buy laptops from local dealers or even online by reading these kind of articles, and educating themselves for better deals. There is no point in buying a laptop if you don’t understand what exactly you are buying!

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