Business idea of old books: Sunday book market of Daryaganj

If you have been to Delhi on a Sunday and if you are book-lover, you can’t afford to miss the Sunday book market of Daryaganj. This market starts every Sunday at around 7 in the morning and starts to fold itself at around 5 in the evening. I used the word ‘fold’ because the books are literally displayed on the pavement and not in shops. You will have to have a good habit of walking or stamina for that matter as the book market of Daryaganj extends up to 2 KM.

No doubt that such markets give you the perfect example of street business ideas.


How to reach Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

I took the route of Chawri Bazaar through Metro and then hired a manual rickshaw, who charged me 40 bucks (he was asking for 50). He took me towards Jama Masjid and then left me at the lights from where the book market was starting.

At the same time, you can alight from Metro at the New Delhi Railway Station and then take a rickshaw.

It is advisable to explore the market without any vehicle because parking is not readily available. So, best bet is to use any mode of public transport.

What to expect in Daryaganj Sunday Book market

The market is replete with any type of book that you can think of in English language. There are some stalls who cater to Hindi readers also. Be it novels, reference books, dictionaries, text books of various subjects and classes, competitive exam books, IAS studies books–you name it and Daryaganj book market has it.

Children books, cookery books, comics, and what not–you will be tired as you finish the whole stretch of the market but the variety of books won’t deplete.

Apart from these, the adjacent stalls sell jeans, various types of items used daily, belts, shoes, stationery items, weights for exercise, etc. Street food is a delight if you love to enjoy various kinds of savories.

Price of Books at Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

The prices are almost throw away. You can think of as low as 10 bucks, 20 bucks, 30 bucks and 50 bucks. Some books go up to 300 bucks depending upon the condition, weight and of course the relevance of the book. Usually, stall owners don’t know what they are selling and they just give a price that is half of the listed price of the book. However, for the sake of selling their books, they may even lower the price but it depends upon uselessness of the book and not on the usefulness!

If you don’t find a book, the stall-owners often tell you to come again or note down their phone numbers so that you can ask them about a particular book. They usually have a lot of returning customers.

You will find people of all ages searching through various piles of books–children, aged, women, young boys and girls. Whoever needs of loves books, flock this market without hesitation.

I am sure you will enjoy it if you visit at least once.

Business idea from the Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

I am intrigued to find out the potential of organizing such markets at various other places of the country or could there be any online venture behind such items. Buying used books is a long-standing consumer habit and even in small towns you would notice people asking for used books just because of the price.

At the same time, it will also help saving paper and thus the environment.

Could there be a business idea where somebody can organize such markets in physical format or online format? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. The love for buying books physically is most loved and past culture. One feel loved while carrying a title book in hand . I would love to go any book mela where I will get old used book collection. I recently visited many book fares organized by Bookchor. I bought 18 books at a price of 1100 and also a beautiful gift. More such book events should be organized.

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