And now a showroom for combine harvesters. Anyone game!

Well, this was quite noticable from the bus itself in which I was traveling from Patiala to my hometown, Nabha. Nabha is called the hub of combine harvester (combines) manufacturers, as you can see almost everybody is making them. From small scale manufacturers who produce 2-3 machines per season to large factories where around 200 of them are sold per year, the town has a variety of them.

Combine Harvester

Combine HarvesterI asked the care-taker of the showroom if I can click some shots because the owner was not around.

┬áHe was skeptic because in this part of the word, you don’t find people clicking photos if you have opened something new. However, I told him that I will click from outside only and then he agreed. Due to unavailability of my DSLR, I had to use my iPod, so please excuse for the quality of images.

Combine harvesters are very big farm equipments as compared to other tools used by farmers including straw reapers, thrashers, etc. Combine harvesters are manufactured in variety of techniques including:

  1. Multi-crop combine harvester
  2. AC combine harvester
  3. Tractor mounted combine harvester
  4. Small-size combine harvester for areas where water level is at the ground
  5. Combine harvester with tank like chains instead of tyres

The price also varies accordingly.

Nabha, as I mentioned earlier, is famous for manufacturing combines and customers from throughout India come to buy them. Some of them buy for their own fields but some buy to sublet them to small-scare farmers in their areas.

In fact some of the manufacturers have started exporting the combines to various countries like Australia, France, and Japan, etc.

Combine Harvester

Till now, I had seen showrooms for cars, motorcycles, clothes, shoes, etc. However, a dedicated showroom for agriculture equipments is definitely a first one for me. Have you seen any of them around your area. Reply if you have!

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