Airport observations at Terminal 4, LAX (Los Angeles)

I recently visited Kaua’i Island in Hawai’i of the USA. While traveling from LAX to LIH, I had a layover of 22 hours. During this, I did some observation on the Terminal 4 of LAX. Here are some points for you.

  1. Saw a dwarf couple for the first time.
  2. People say thanks more than number of times you breathe.
  3. You end up paying more for a burger and a cup of coffee than for the dinner of 4 people in India.
  4. Pepsi Lays classical salted packet is almost 10 times the price we pay in India.
  5. Bottle of coke is almost 5 times the price in India.
  6. Amazing speed of free Wi-Fi internet and it’s free. Later on noticed that LHR (Heathrow Airport, London) offers free wi-fi access only for 45 minutes.
  7. Almost 80% of the staff including security and sanitation constituted women.
  8. Almost all who come to know that I am going to Hawaii and visiting US first time ever say this: first US visit to holiday in Hawaii? You are lucky, man. Enjoy!
  9. Hardly any digital camera. IPads and iphones only. Every Mom, Kid and Daddy seem to have it.
  10. Crowd and frequency of flights reminds you of Patiala bus-stand or Delhi’s Kashmiri gate if you want to refer to its recent renovation.
  11. Nike seems to be the favorite shoe brand.
  12. Some are wearing pullovers, jerseys while some are in ultra shorts.
  13. Water bottle costs almost 18 times the price in India.
  14. Charging sports are not available on all the gates.
  15. The floor is carpeted and you can sleep if you want to take rest. Not in vogue at Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport, London.

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