7 Ubuntu Involvements: How to feel close

How you can contribute to Ubuntu

Because you are reading this, there is surely a time when Ubuntu touched your heart and you wanted to be a part of this Linux movement in some way or other. If you seriously wanted to do this, here is what you can do.

1. If you feel confident that you can write software and get involved in the development zone, you can do this. Ubuntu will love to have new developers. Here is the link for development zone of Ubuntu.

2. If you are graphics designer and wanted to improve the look of Ubuntu, you will be more than welcome. Here is the link for trying your designing experience for Ubuntu.

3. Documentation is one of the most important process of any system. Ubuntu always has the need of people who can contribute to produce, maintain, or proof the documents created for Ubuntu. Here is the link for documentation involvement with Ubuntu.

4. If you are an expert or a geek in Linux and want to share your solutions with others, you will be a celebrity with Ubuntu users. Here is the link to get yourself on the support bench of Ubuntu.

5. Ubuntu has a 6 months release cycle of updated and new versions and if you can test those versions, there will be nothing like it. Here is the link for trying your testing skills for Ubuntu.

6. If you find some bugs in Ubuntu and can report them, it will be helpful for the experts to provide a solution for them and fix them. Bug reporting is a considerable help. Here is the link for bug reporting in Ubuntu.

7. Local communities related to Ubuntu are a hot place to be. If you would like to join any of them, get involved with your local one. Here is the link to find more about these “LoCo teams”.

Feel free to do whatever you can do to make Ubuntu better apart from spreading the word about it and taking it closer to more and more people so that the spirit of open-source can be heightened and more people be benefited through it.

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