5 ideas that Mashable.com can use and succeed

There are the topic or ideas that can be explored by Mashable.com. The sites could be dedicated to these topics or can be included in the same parent site.

Business Ideas for Mashable


Linux can be covered in any category related to computers. However, having a dedicated category for Linux throws a good scope. I agree that there are already lots of websites who do dedicated research in this field, but Mashable can easily cash the opportunity given the popularity it enjoys. With the development of Android gadgets and people more open to open source, the popularity of Linux is going to increase. Though Mashable already has a category named “Open Source” but more focus can yield tremendous results.

Popular topics include:

  • How to articles about gadget configuration
  • Topics covering new releases of various distros
  • Troubleshooting of various problems faced in Linux
  • Integration of Linux in Windows system and vice-versa
  • How to article about software and programs used in Linux


Languages are always on a demand. I am talking about human languages and not the coding languages. With globalization and cross-cultural requirements, the demand of language learning has increased manifold. There is huge opportunity if translation can be tackled and various types of guides can be provided dealing popular languages.

Topics that can be considered:

  • Pronunciation guides of alphabets of various languages
  • Lists of names of various entities from one language to another
  • Article about similarity of different languages


Comics are always on a demand. The main question is about creating the text that could deliver a unique message. More popular are funny comics but with a professional angle. Corporates and organizations love to share comics and jokes that can lighten their mood but still connect to their environment, profession, etc.

Topics that can be picked up:

  • Professional banter
  • Political banter


Though Mashable already touches this topic, there is still a huge scope of expansion and development. The world, or the professional world to be more precise, is gripped by the entrepreneurial spirit. Students and fresh graduates are more prone to explore entrepreneurial opportunities than to go for traditional jobs. The articles needs to be in-depth and having some sort of research so as to give real value to the readers. Recently, there has been a slew of magazines, papers and websites that have come out to cover this topic in a 360 degree approach.

The topics that are highly popular are:

  • Business opportunity areas in various fields
  • Howtos
  • Resources for entrepreneurs
  • Financial aspects
  • Expert advice


Spirituality is a very odd topic to pick but it offers tremendous opportunities if the appeal is global. In fact, networking facilities can also be offered making it a spiritual network. The focus theme of spirituality could have the sister topics including Yoga, wellness, self-improvement, etc.

(Though I wrote this article keeping in mind the position of Mashable.com; however, any other big website can also implement it)

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