5 Ds that an entrepreneur should have

EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship is about development as the entrepreneur grows in its expertise, it brings growth around it that has an angle of change in it. An entrepreneur offering auto repair in a mobile-van has changed the concept that car-owners have to visit an auto-mechanic to avail it. An online book-store changed the buying experience of clients by avoiding their visit to a bookshop.

But how does an entrepreneur get developed inside how its personality and attitude towards life changes, and what are some ingredients that help it to sustain the challenges of entrepreneurship? Yes, entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges because it is oriented towards bringing a change–change always faces challenges. But entrepreneurs are supposed to deliver what they commit for. So, can we ascribe some factors that stand-out in such entrepreneurs? We will discuss the 5 Ds that an entrepreneur should have.

  • Duty

Duty is something that is indispensable to any venture that a person undertakes in life. More so for entrepreneurship! An entrepreneur must take full responsibility of the venture that it has launched and know that there is nobody else who would do the job. In startups, everything and almost everything has to be done by the entrepreneurs themselves. By all means, this helps in reducing the cost and giving the most amazing opportunity of hands-on experience at various tasks. The entrepreneur is supposed to assume leadership in extending the boundaries of ‘my job your job’ concept.

  • Discipline

Discipline is what makes an entrepreneur successful. If an entrepreneur is not disciplined in its approach, it can’t make its venture succeed. As the cliched wording goes: Discipline makes you successful, entrepreneurs can’t escape this decree. They have to be disciplined in everything they do. Some might argue that this might limit their creativity. However, discipline should be incorporated in approach and not in thought-process or creativity. Discipline should be there is expenditure and not in creation. Deadlines and goals should be set realistically and no stone should be unturned to achieve them.

  • Devotion

An entrepreneur can’t be successful in its venture if it does not like or loves what it is doing. A devoted effort is always necessary for whatever one does in life. It is the zeal in an entrepreneur that makes it successful, because more often than not, people around do not believe wholly in the idea that the entrepreneur is trying to establish. Like an ardent devotee of God, who is bent upon to realize the concrete form of its beloved deity, an entrepreneur must put in all the efforts in believing in the idea.

  • Dedication

How somebody can succeed in a venture if one is not dedicated to it. If an entrepreneur is flirting with multiple ideas and is not focusing on any of them, it is bound to flounder. Focus is very important for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is like riding a bike–if an entrepreneur is not dedicated enough to the task at hands, the roadblocks and pitfalls won’t allow it to learn biking and would be instrumental in its downfall.

  • Determination

Without doubt, entrepreneurship is replete with failures, challenges, obstructions, and impediments. An undedicated effort would result for naught and an undetermined entrepreneur would run out of the steam quickly. An entrepreneur might need to put in repeated tries and efforts, but if it is not determined to achieve what it has set forth for, it is not going to taste success at any cost. Determination is extremely important for entrepreneurs.

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