5 Benefits of Ubuntu Server Edition

Benefits of Ubuntu Server Edition

Well, in my previous posts about the benefits of Ubuntu, I have received some comments where readers thought that I am sort of popularizing Ubuntu instead of Linux which could have meant to be monopolizing it like MS-Windows. However, my main intention in listing these benefits of Ubuntu is to let new users know what they can expect from this distro of Linux.

I am sure that just like me many users want to find what they can expect in the new environment and this is what mainly driving me to write these posts. In this one, I am going to enlist some benefits of server edition of Ubuntu.

Though there are many features of server edition of Ubuntu like the Debian foundation, energy efficient, low memory and disk footprint operating system that has no license fee. Here are the 5 key benefits:

1. You can integrate Ubuntu server edition easily into your existing networks.

2. Ubuntu server edition gives you low total cost of ownership, which is very crucial to companies and organizations.

3. Ubuntu server edition gives you multiple life cycle scenarios to choose from.

4. Ubuntu server edition delivers free life maintenance, which is beneficial to companies as they do not have to spend hefty budget for maintenance.

5. The support system for this Ubuntu server edition is really a good one and is provided by Canonical for 24×7 and in many languages. This is one of the those benefits where anything can the bid if there are many players to be chosen from.

If you would like to know more about Ubuntu server edition, go here.

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