13 Similar words in German and Sanskrit

List of 13 similar words in German (Deutsch) and Sanskrit

I have been working on this concept to find out some cognate words between Sanskrit and German (Deutsch). Like my earlier posts, I am able to gather 13 more similar words that have common and similar sound and meaning in Sanskrit and German (Deutsch).

There is a lot of similarity between Sanskrit and German (Deutsch), but still, I need to move carefully, as the sounds of alphabets change considerably due to their placement in the words. Hope I am not wrong in recognizing these cognate words. I will love to hear from your readers if you want to say something about it.

Like always, I am giving the English meaning after the Deutsch (German) word so that it becomes clearer as to what meaning I am talking about.

German English Sanskrit
Bruder Brother भ्राता
Mutter Mother माता
Vater Father पिता
Mischen Mix मिश्र
Mischung Mixture मिश्रणं
Mann Man मनुः
Innere Interior आन्तरः
Minister Minister मन्त्री
Charakter Character चारित्रं
Name Name नाम
Nase Nose नसा
Datum Date तिथिः
Sechzig Sixty षष्ठिः

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