10 weird things I have done in my life

  1. Saw a ghost in my childhood. It was not a fantasy. Can remember every detail of that incident
  2. Resigned from my job 3 times without any prospective offer in hand
  3. Did not wear a jean and took a soft-drink for 3 consecutive years
  4. Never bought a book while doing my engineering degree– that means 4 years
  5. Tried to play bongo as a make-shift tabla by disjoining both of it’s heads and fixing them over pots. Tried to make a flute of square cross-section
  6. Walked 7 Km in during floods to reach my college with one of my friends because our bus left us unknowingly
  7. Lived in a hotel for 10 months while doing a job in Noida
  8. Use to live in a room with around 200 spiders on the ceiling. Thought they help me from the mosquitoes
  9. Showed podcasts from MIT about robotics to slum and migrant children  in Punjab using a Dell computers so that can have a little fun
  10. Tried to learn 14 languages simultaneously all by my own–failed!

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