10 daily-used words that you don’t realize come from Sanskrit

SanskritSanskrit is considered as an old, almost dead and who-cares-about-it language by modern use. However, being the mother of at least almost all the Indian languages, it has its stamp over all of them.

Some share it structure, some its complexity, and some share its alphabet–Devnagiri.

But when it comes to some particular words, almost all languages have some words commonly used that actually come from Sanskrit.

Hindi is considered as the closest to Sanskrit but the present day spoken Hindi is so different from the original Hindi that if a good writer or speaker writes/speaks in Hindi, the audience does not understand it. This is because the present-day spoken Hindi gets majority of words from Arabic, Turkish, Iranian, Persian and also from Portuguese.

However, we present a list of 10 commonly used words by the modern Hindi youth that actually come from Sanskrit language.

Hindi Sanskrit English
आलसी अलसः Lazy
चोर चोरः Thief
देहली (दहलीज) देहली Threshold
नाटक नाटकः Play (Drama)
छतरी छत्रम् Umbrella
सैनिक सैनिकः Soldier
अङ्गुली अङ्गुली Finger
खजूर खर्जूरः Date (Fruit)
लहुसन लशुनम् Ginger
तारा तारा Star


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