Top 10 applications for year 2011 in Linux

Linux is all about choices. Therefore, Linux has many software tools that perform the same functionality. As an example, one may like Chrome browser as the Internet browser while some others preferring Firefox. So, the top 10 applications for year 2011 is just my selection of tools. For you, you may have your own selection and choices.

Let’s start with our list of 10 best Linux applications.

1. Google Chrome

What do you install as soon as you are done with the Linux installation? Chrome! Yes, that’s what I also install. Chrome is a lightweight Internet browser for all the platforms. It takes not time to come up and it does what it says it does. Chrome is a product from Google, so, have no doubt about its performance and security.

2. Gnome Do

Yes, this is the little productivity enhancer for Linux system. Regardless of whether you want to search the Internet or search through the local files, you can use Gnome Do within a matter of seconds to find what you want. It is as easy as that!

3. VLC

If you are a movie fan, this is the application that should be installed in every Linux box. Of course MPlayer was the most popular Linux video player back in the day, but now it is VLC. VLC not only supports a number of formats, it gives you a great quality in the videos and you can simply use a subtitles file quite easily.

4. Empathy

This is the instant message software that we all were looking for. Empathy gives us all the front-line features of messaging software, including video chats. Empathy has been redesigned from the popular Linux instant messaging client Gaim. Empathy now has many more features compared to its predecessor, and fully integrated into Linux’s Gnome desktop environment.

5. AmaroK

AmaroK is iTunes for Linux. If you are an iTunes fan, AmaroK will work just fine for you. AmaroK gives you most of the features offered by iTunes. You can have your own playlists the way you want and with any metadata embedded. AmaroK takes you to a new level in music, than the previous music players / managers in Linux.

6. LibreOffice

Of course they changed the name! After Oracle acquiring OpenOffice, they changed the name to LibreOffice. But the new conversion is not just the name. They added many things into the popular Office package and gave it an interface lift as well. If you happen to be an OpenOffice fan, you will find the new version better suited for your liking.

7. CrossOver Office

Yes, this is no free and open source software. But if you have migrated from Windows to Linux, CrossOver is something you need a lot. CrossOver lets you install your favorite Windows applications on Linux platform for a price. If you look at the supported software by CrossOver, the price may not be a big deal for you.

8. Google Earth

Who can live without Google Earth? I know, I can’t. Google Earth gives you detailed territory and satellite maps with street views. What else do you want from Google Earth?

9. Transmission

If you a regular Internet user, you use torrents. Transmission is a great tool for downloading torrents in Linux platform. You do not have to install Transmission, as it comes by default in many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu.

10. Thunderbird

Without Thunderbird, how can one use emails? Thunderbird is the most popular email client in Linux platform. Thunderbird actually can compete with main-stream commercial mails clients when it comes to features and performance. If you are a Linux user, Thunderbird is the email client that should be used for everyday emailing.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 applications for year 2011 in Linux”

  1. > Chrome is a product from Google, so, have no
    > doubt about its performance and security.

    Isn’t Google’s self-stated goal to gather and organize the world’s data? Google has enough of my info, I don’t need to use their web browser with their DNS addresses built in… Chromium is a Freed version of Chrome but its still not my favorite browser. Firefox!

  2. +1 on what lefty said.
    plus chromium is VERY immature, cant really replace or be compared to firefox as it just offers a subset of what what firefox does.
    its also full of bugs with fixes nowhere in sight, did anyone say proper font handling?
    On the other hand its very speedy and lightweight, but thats mostly due to the reason i explained above.
    i would say firefox is like a swiss army knife and chromium like a really well sharpened kitchen knife 🙂

  3. Hey all,
    I agree with some of the applications.
    Instead of “chrome” I use the daily PPA for chromium.
    I never use gnome-do I prefer cairo-dock which far more advanced,, can be brought up with a keybinding,, and has a plugin known as “ScoobyDo” which is the in dock version of gnome-do.
    Easystroke is by far the best Linux / compiz companion application out there.
    If you are not familiar with Easystroke, it is a systemic gesture recognition application,, linux only, but is the best available, both microsoft and apple have failed miserably at creating a gesture recognition applications as complete and stable as easystroke.
    Compiz of course 🙂
    This article should probably be in categories,,, Accesories,, graphics , etc , etc.
    My main focus on a system is graphics and sound.. I do the icons for ccsm in compiz, I was brought into the cairo dock team because of my themes, so for graphics,, there are very important applications, if you are not using windows with photoshop and Corel painter,, these are;
    Gimp = bit map editing aka photoshop
    inkscape = vector
    Mypaint, = natural media aka Corel Painter
    Agave = is an advanced color picker and palette creator


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