Tamil Names of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is considered the supreme Lord in Hinduism. He is the most merciful one who listens to the prayers of his devotees and grants their wishes. Lord Shiva is venerated in several ways and is worshiped in a plethora of temples spread across the nation.

Tamil literary works and the songs of Tamil Nayanamars herald Shiva in glorious terms.

Here are a few names of Lord Shiva in Tamil and their English translation.

Tamil Name Meaning
கங்கை முடியோன் One who holds Ganga River on his matted hair
பிறை கூடியவன் One who has worn crescent moon
அருளாளன் The merciful one
பணிசடையான் One who has worn snakes on his matted hair
ஆலம் உண்டவன் One who consumed poison to save the worlds
நீல கண்டன் The blue necked one
உமையொரு பாகன் One who has Mother Uma in half of his body
திங்கள் முடி சூடியோன் One who has worn moon in his matted hair
முக்கண்ணன் Three eyed one
முக்காலம் கடந்தவன் One who has transcended three times
சுந்தரேசன் The one with the most beautiful form
பேரின்ப தீச்சுடர் The blissful light
மான் மழு ஏந்தியவன் One who carries a deer and spear
தேவாதி தேவன் The Lord of the gods
நந்தி வாகனன் One who mounts on a bull
நாக பூஷணன் One who wears snakes as ornaments
நடன மனோகரன் The great dancer
கௌரி சங்கரன் The Lord of Mother Gowri
இடபம் ஏறியோன் One who has mounted the sacred bull
திரிபுரம் எரித்தவன் One who vanquished the three cities of demons
பொன்னம்பலவாணன் One who dances on a golden stage
சிவகாமி பிரியன் One who loves his consort Sivakami

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