Deepavali Recipes And How To Cook Them

If you think Deepavali, or Diwali as it’s also called, is the only festival of lights, then you’re thoroughly mistaken, because there are many other festivals where illumination takes a lot of prominence. Decorating with lights is something Christmas is more famous for all over the world. Although Deepavali is also very popular for the lighting of lamps, the day is better marked by exchange of sweets among friends and relatives, an affair that starts early in the day.

Deepavali Recipes are different from regular ones that are prepared at home during any other occasion. For instance, it’s on this auspicious day people prepare items such as Rava Laddu, Coconut Burfi, or Badam Katli. It’s a totally different story that the preparations start as early as a week – and in some orthodox houses even a fortnight – before because there will be so much to give away as Diwali gift.

Besan Laddu is among several prominent Deepavali Recipes Indians make at homes. The ingredients required include besan (sifted), sugar (grounded), ghee, and green cardamom (powdered). For every one kilogram of besan and sugar, you need 400 grams of ghee and a couple of teaspoons of cardamom. After heating ghee till smoke emanates, reduce the heat before adding the sifted besan to ghee. Once the besan turns golden in color, remove it from fire. The process is continued with adding of sugar. Then allow the stuff to cool down a little, or to such an extent where you feel it comfortable to handle the mixture with your naked palms to roll them into small balls. You can prefer applying grease to your palms so that the heat is not felt. The laddu balls should be preserved in closed containers to retain their fragrance for a longer duration. Rava Laddu, another special to find a place among Deepavali Recipes, is also prepared in a similar fashion, except for the fact that the balls rolled will be much smaller in size.

Among other notable Deepavali Recipes, Jalebi gets its due share. Many people turn to jalebi because it’s very easy to prepare. The jalebi that is prepared in shops is different from the mouth-watering ones that are made at homes. The various ingredients required for its preparation include white gram dal, water, sugar, coconut oil, and very importantly, a few drops of orange color liquid to give the finishing touch. For every kilogram of dal you take, make sure you have two liters of water and two kilograms each of sugar and coconut oil.

As a first step, grind the dal nicely with some water and prepare a smooth batter of the mix. If you want you can add little salt while making the batter. Meanwhile, you can heat sugar along with water in a pan. Now add the orange liquid to give the stuff the color it deserves. In the third phase, you can squeeze the batter into hot oil. Usually a thin cloth is used to facilitate the process of squeezing. Also, it’s advisable to do the squeeze for three or four rounds and remove the pieces from the oil. The pieces are then soaked in the sugar syrup for about 30 minutes to give shape to jalebis.

When you taste them, you know one of the best Deepavali Recipes are ready to serve.

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