Career tips from successful women

Your job is not over just by landing on the first employment opportunity that you find. You must ensure that your career value does not depreciate. There are a number of preventive measures you need to take in this regard. Every professional must know this. Not less than a quarter of what you do at your work place will become obsolete and useless over the next year. Therefore, you must replace your out-dated knowledge with newer skills, experience and knowledge relevant to your field. Given below are some highly useful career tips from successful women who have ascended the ladder of their career growth putting a good amount of self-effort.

Reading books and browsing the net on the topics related to your field is one of the best tips to enhance your professional value. This is equally true with learning new skills and working with newer possibilities with respect to your job area. In this way, you can prepare yourself for a better reach. Be prepared to learn from others’ experience. While talking to your colleagues, share with the some good knowledge related to your job instead of killing time on wasteful gossip. People who say “I do not have time to improve my knowledge and skills” are rather detestable. They are at a serious disadvantage with respect to their career growth. Even reading fiction will improve your creativity and give you some new experience. They too broaden your vocabulary, give some insight on human psychology and take you to new life situations and places. They too provide a break from the real world.

You may be an introvert who does not like to come out of your comfort zone. However, for the sake of your profession, networking with people in the same field is crucially important for career growth. You have several advantages in widening your professional network including access to their knowledge and skills that might help you in some critical areas or troubleshooting related to your work and finding new referrals and contacts for newer job opportunities. Be selective in choosing to develop contacts with people who are knowledgeable, good mannered and are serious about their jobs. This will motivate and encourage you.

Never miss out an opportunity to participate in training programs, workshops and seminars. Participation in a good number of them related to your profession will significantly enhance the value of your resume. In addition, it will also update you with the recent developments in your job field. You will get to know new people in your field. The need to keep your skill sets current is of crucial importance.

Involve in community board or committee activities. Assisting non-profit organizations by volunteering for some projects will increase your worth as an individual besides boosting your self-confidence. Useful social service aimed at community welfare can help your career too with new learning experience and new contacts. This will also give an opportunity to thrust yourself outside the areas that you normally find yourself in. this is also a way to meet with new people in different fields who can share with you their knowledge which you can apply in an inter-disciplinary platform.

Efforts like those mentioned above will enhance your professional value and give an upward thrust in your career growth.

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