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How to say pregnant in Hindi

How to say pregnant in Hindi

A lot of people like me who work in the corporate world and have studied professional courses in engineering do not know various common words in the Hindi language. Whenever we find it convenient, we tend to use words from English language. Guess what, it is considered highly respectable if you totally avoid Hindi and …

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A in Hindi

Learning Hindi alphabet from English in quite easy. However, if you learn it in the reverse way, from Hindi to English, you may have some problems with some sounds because they are hard to pronounce in English. Recommended books to explore Hindi language more: Anyways, we will limit ourselves to the present discussion of learning …

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How do you say three in Hindi

How do you say three in Hindi Learning Hindi numbers in pretty easy. However, you need to take care of the pronunciation because people who are not exposed to or are unaware about the sounds of Hindi alphabet, might find it bit difficult as to what the actual pronunciation is. Three is pretty simple in …

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