What is car called in Sanskrit

Sanskrit is believed to the be one of the oldest languages known to mankind. It is always interesting to find out the connection of the words used in this language with the modern world. Surprisingly, Sanskrit is considered as a very tallying language when it comes to the advancements made by the modern technology.

what is car called in sanskrit

In this post, we will get to know what’s a car called in Sanskrit. A car, as we know, is a wheeled vehicle–it moves and goes: meaning that it moves to one place and another. Some of the Sanskrit names, as you will notice, are related to this property only.

Here are some of the names given to a car in Sanskrit:

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Car रथः Rathaḥ
Car चक्रयानम् Cakrayānam
Car गन्त्री Gantrī
Car गन्त्रीरथः Gantrīrathaḥ
Car शकटः Śakaṭaḥ

As we have different types of car used for different purposes, similarly, Sanskrit also had some different names for types of cars.


  • Car of the gods=विमानः, विमानम्
  • War-car=स्यन्दनः, शताङ्गः
  • Pleasure-car=क्रीड पुष्परथः
  • Covered-car=कर्ण

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