CD Review of One by Todd Boston

‘One’ actually is the second one for me–Yes, I mean the second album of Todd, though I have been listening to some of his improvisations and other solos from time and again. Needless to say, it is singularly unique and lilting.

One of the particular features I always found present in Todd’s music is the clarity of the sounds he produces–it is so poetic that every phrase of music seems to be a line read through various instruments that he uses. There are no elaborate arrangements of multiple instruments but the sounds weaved clearly and carefully to convey a message of the ethereal world.

It is peacefully slow, subtle and sublime at that same time!

Album Name: OneOne Todd Boston

Artist Name: Todd Boston

Total Time: 43:28

The whole album is a beautiful collection of different moods conveyed through various instruments–it is like having a potpourri served in one go. The music is very good for relaxation, meditation, or a leisurely drive.

Todd is a multi-instrumentalist and he is a good one at every instrument that he picks–be if flutes or string instruments or even the stones that he sometimes chooses to play with. (!)

Another remarkable feature of his music in this album, just like the previous one–Touched by the Sun–is the connection and reference of Indian classical music. Coming from India, I can particularly notice how his music is influenced by the rich tradition of Indian music and how he often fuses his Indian thoughts with the Western instruments. He has even dedicated one track to an Indian raga, Kalyan, for that matter.

I wish all the success and blessings to Todd for his wonderful gifts that he keeps sharing with this world and continue to inspire and make this world a beautiful place!

Track Name Duration
One 00:45
Fresh Strings 04:22
Ambrosia 04:27
Astral Heart 05:00
She’s Home 04:27
Realization 04:33
Early Reflections 03:25
Blue Pearl 05:31
Hawk Medicine 04:09
Kalyan 02:21
Dreamtime 04:28




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