Review of Distorted Time by Art Tawanghar and Ruth Weber featuring Emilia Lopez Yanez

The inspiration of an artist often comes from nature and also from the day-to-day experiences that one goes through. However, to combine the concept of quantum physics, time, and human existence is something unique, and deserves deeper attention.

Distorted Time sounds scientifically magical. It’s cryptic, thought-provoking, groovy, and has a very unique sense of rhythm in it.

The track is launched in four versions including radio, vox, vintage and instrumental.

As the very theme of this maxi single conveys, the artists have done a wonderful job in packaging a lot of emotions within a very short period of time. It truly represents world music and can’t be labeled belonging to a single genre.

I congratulate Art Tawanghar, Ruth Weber and of course the featured artist Emilia Lopez Yanez for brining out such a lovely piece of music. I could envision myself driving on a forest trail and playing this track on loop for hours!



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