CD review of Suite Tea by Anne Trenning

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Artist’s Name: Anne Trenning
Album Name: Suite Tea
Total Time: 38:37

Coming from North India, and especially from Punjab, you are not exposed to Piano that often and it takes good amount of effort to tune your sound-buds to the solo performances. However, I had been quite blessed in the sense that I have many friends who play Piano and I have heard their music. So, I sat down listening to “Suite Tea” with some inner confidence.

“Remembering Elizabeth” is a beautiful track to start with. If you are a thinker, this track should be considered as one of the best to contemplate while taking a cup of tea and glancing through your windows towards the fields. It starts slowly and takes you through various moods before finally settling down as you finish your cuppa. Consider God asking the spirits to embody and play different roles on the stage of this world. This track is like God takes the spirits on the recounting journey of their previous sojourns on earth. He enchants the spirits with numerous ways.

Anne Trenning

So, as the spirits glanced through the windows over the fields, they consider floating to a place “Where Rivers Run”. This is a place where the nature sings happy birthday to you (you will notice this tune many times played in this song) in various moods. The God has already sounded the rebirth bugles. The spirits have also seen the beauty of their future advent and they are ready to come down on the stage.

In the next track, the scene is joyous. The arena is the “Eden Hall” where the heart is celebrating. It is dancing with the beats of this beautiful music track. Who organized the party? It is the Over-Lord who makes souls condescend being embodied through music and has thrown a farewell party. It’s only God who can smile while He sends His dear ones away from Him–He knows it is needed to run the world and must be done.

“The Rain Song”, though not composed by Anne, adds texture to the album. J. Page and R. Plant have given a beautiful score as one imagines standing under a shade and enjoying the rain. The spirits have started their descent as the drops fall down from sky.

The sticks and the cymbals add beautiful sounds to the journey that starts on the “Long way from my home”. The journey of spirits is rich in texture. The speed of the track matches a horse-cart. The chauffeur is crooning while the spirits enjoys the bumpy roads. The cart crosses various types of roads as the music takes the travelers through various moods. This is the largest track in the album and the percussion is beautiful in its rhythm. The piano also seems to be in full swing. Lovely movements!

The spirits have reached their destination and are enjoying the “Suite Tea”. The mood is subtle. The title track presents the opportunity to enjoy the new abode as the spirits marvel at the architecture and interior design of the suite. They seem happy about the choice that God made for them and they are happy they came here.

As the spirits settle down, they reminisce about the “Days gone by” and the good time spent in the Ultimate Abode. It’s difficult to leave that place and demands great sense of duty. However, it is the call of the hour. The track presents beautiful mood if you want to remember something. I liked it pretty much.

The “Silent Night” has dawned. The spirits are resting before they flung into action and create this dynamic universe. With moist but closed eyes, the spirits ready themselves to sleep. As the mortal beings dive into the eternal sleep to move to the spirit-world, the spirits sleep to awaken as their new Avatars in the morning.

As God sees all the spirits trying to sleep, a “Lullaby for Emily” strikes the walls of the chamber. It is soothing and delivers the final caressing of the dearest Lord, who revels in creation and dissolution with equal disposition. The music is subtle as if the dream state of the spirits transforms them into mortal beings with every single stroke of the piano.

I never thought that I would be able to weave such a poetic story around the songs of the album. It was night when I completed this review and I much say that I can enjoy this kinda music at any time.

I offer big thanks to Anne for creating and sharing such a wonderful music. Wish her love and success for all her future ventures.

Track Name Duration
Remembering Elizabeth 3:44
Where Rivers Run 5:09
Eden Hall 3:40
The Rain Song 3:50
Long Way From My Home 6:57
Suite Tea 4:11
Days Gone By 3:11
Silent Night 4:04
Lullaby For Emily 3:51



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  1. Written from the heart with fantastic insight into the joy that music brings into our lives – an extraordinary statement on the impact of music and art. Thank you, Vivek Kumar, for your time, your words, and your revealing sentiments on what is meaningful in this world.

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