CD review of “Portal” by Rich Brodsky–Atomic Skunk

Album: Portal

Artists: Rich Brodsky

Total Time: 88:35

Portal by Rich Brodsky aka Atomic SkunkA few days back I got a copy of “Portal” CD by Rich Brodsky aka Atomic Skunk. It is a great experience to plug yourself to some experimental music involving musical instruments integrated with hi-tech gadgets and equipments to render a unique aura to the composition.

When it comes to music, the main thing is the sound. The impact of sound on human ear is widely known. In fact, one of the definition of music read: “what appears pleasing to ears is music”. Though, for scientific terms, this definition was modified, but still the spirit remains intact.

The album “Portal” opens like a closed box of night where a sparrow’s chirp bring a refreshing hope of new era. It is so mystically blended and fine-tuned that even if you are stuck in the most engrossing job at your office, you will flying inside.

As you finish the first track, you still are deep inside something called “natural”. There is no hurry to return back to your somatic existence where perceptible world exists but there is no attuning to the imaginary world. “Dhalang” takes you to a journey that is slow, moody and enthusing.

The next track “Nautilus” still keeps you among the sylvan surroundings but moving towards the aquatic kingdom where seagulls move around in celebrating mood before a treasure, long-hidden, starts making its presence felt. A very intriguing journey is enriched with percussive sounds of drums. Nicely intercepted with voices that make you feel moving close towards something unique but guarded, this piece is literally a piece of art.

Moving forward, suddenly from nowhere, ending the unique and ethereal journey of unknown words, you come out of a slush where a voice welcomes you with some old story material. The combination of violin and guitar sounds takes you to your childhood days where fairy-tales were a part of everyday’s intake. “The Waltz of the Frog Prince” is a very unique piece indeed!

“China Doll”, as clear from the name itself is picky in its movements and seems to be walking cautiously. After the soulful journey where the body is exhausted, this pieces provides a bit of lightness and relaxation to the listener.

One of the most striking features that I noticed in this album is that the experimentation is not wild–sometimes, too much experimentation takes away the spirit or “juice” to be very precise of the dish that the mind wants in terms of musical delicacy. The whole album incorporates various types of sounds, but still it flows effortlessly and with lyrical continuity.

I am sure that Rich has worked hard while creating this album and there is undoubtedly he has succeeded in creating a rare piece of experimental beauty. I will give “thumbs up” for all the tracks of “Portal”.

Beyond the ken of human mind, there is a portal that exists without any start or end–it remains there without any cause. I wish a genuine listener who is looking to dive deep within the depths of one’s soul, is able to reach that portal with this musical journey.

Track Name Time
Portal 09:14
Dhalang 06:03
Nautilus 08:05
The Waltz of the Frog Prince 05:34
China Doll 05:23
Osiris 07:59
Once More Around Ganymede 10:15
Forest for the Trees (free) 11:17
Bonus Track: Ambartsumian’s Knot 25:25



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