Vivek Kumar


Vivek has a multi-dimensional persona. As a student, he was hailed for his versatility and his passion to try new things almost every day. This website is his personal as well as professional stage.

Professional Expertise:

Vivek comes from a background of content, social media, and marketing strategy. He has worked in one of the largest media houses in the world, and also in early startups. He is a full-time consultant advising and executing content and marketing strategies for his clients.

Academic Qualification:

  • B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
  • MBA (Human Resources)
  • Certificate Course, Effective Communication
  • Certificate Course, Sanskrit
  • Advanced Course in Vedanta

Certifications & Participation:

  • Writers’ Conference (Yale University)
  • Mantra Yoga (Hawai’i) (Level I)
  • Certification in Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, Level I


As a child, I wanted to be an engineering just because everybody else wanted to be a doctor. I did. While studying engineering, I wanted to become a poet. I did.

I could sing but never got the chance to get a proper training. I could go for scientific research but it was not supposed to be.

Right from singing, listening to classical music, and travel to photography, teaching, philosophy, psychology, philosophy and learning human languages–I have tried almost hundred of things. Yet, nothing satisfies me completely.

My interests include:

  • Writing English Poetry
  • Singing
  • Listening to classical music
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Yoga
  • Networking