Interview with Nina Alfers: facilitating integration through Yoga

I remember when I was a kid, Yoga was something that I would have never felt I would pursue as a career in my life. As a matter of curious trend, most of the children in India don’t dream becoming a Yoga practitioner–we are more attracted to the luxurious life that Western countries supposedly enjoy. […]

Anne Trenning

Interview with Anne Trenning: A delicious musician and an amazing human being

It’s with absolute delight that I am bringing this feature on one of the most amazing beings I have the privilege to know, and a wonderful musician who can weave magic with her notes. Anne Trenning‘s music covers multiple planes of your mental globe. It’s almost meditative though it vibrates with energy and passion. I […]


Interview with Anne Kerrigan Anderson: Founder of Snowga

Who says Yoga has limits? Or Yoga involves breaking or at least testing your limits? Well, we can be sure of one thing, at least: with the advancement of human race, the application and utility of Yoga will keep evolving from the backyards of remotely-located Ashrams in the Oriental to the ultra-modern studios of the […]

Fiona Joy

Interview with Fiona Joy: A gifted musician and entrepreneurial woman

Being a musician is the result of your passion; however, supporting your living through your music is a difficult task. A lot of people feel their passion seeping away when they face the harsh realities a musician has to endure. But a few, who do survive, enjoy the bliss this passion brings with it–they are […]

Tanvi Karnik

Ink Tales–Let’s hear them from Tanvi Karnik

  Visual story telling is an art, which if done properly can convey the message as prominently as the words of a celebrated poet, or the music of an eminent artist, and also the intricate moves of a dancer. Tanvi has started to do just that. She is an ink artist and is regaling her […]

Stephanie Landouer

Stephanie Landouer–blissfully lost in the beauty of Yoga

It sounds too wishful or sometimes mythical but when it strikes with its beauty, it leaves you mesmerized and completely enchanted–yes, we are talking about the beauty of Yoga. It continues to ensnare people around the world and sort of completely consume them in its depths. We found another being who was caught in the […]

Do you have raw dreams? Check their ripening potential with Alysha!

The name itself generates a curiosity in the minds of people who come to know that Alysha is running the RAW Dreams consultancy or who happen to hear it from somebody who just have attended a session with them. I myself was intrigued to know more about them because it sounded to great to know that […]

Suellen Primost

Music provides a field of meeting: Interview with Suellen Primost

Being an Indian, it is rare to find the love for Cello. It’s not a regular instrument played by many in India, but there are some orchestras and bands that adopt it. Recently, some artists have started playing Indian classical music on Cello, which sounds amazing. However, my love for the deep sound of Cello […]

Raechal Levin

What Yoga means to you: An interview with Raechal Levin

Coming from India, I know a lot of people who are into Yoga as a physical practice. Right from our childhood, we hear commoners talking about various kinds of yogasanas and practices. However, children in India, as they grow playing and learning on the streets, are hardly motivated to explore the ancient science that can […]

Laura Sullivan

Interview with Laura Sullivan–a Grammy Award winner and a gem of a person

It’s rare when I read an email interview and come to find such a touching statement at the end of it: ‘I intend to always keep my family as top priority.‘ I have almost never seen an internationally acclaimed artist being so gracefully declaring their preference–family is often something that is ignored if you are […]

The Wright Sister

One of the earliest woman entrepreneurs Everyone knows the Wright brothers: Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright who invented world’s first successful air plane, more than 110 years ago. What about Katharine Wright? Almost no one knows her, forget remembering her! But, Katharine Wright, sister of the famous Wright brothers, was part of their success, by […]

Entrepreneur Prachi Garg: Founder of

The focus towards corporate trips and event organization has led to many startups and consultants coming up with the idea of managing and organizing it for companies. Usually, corporates like to hire someone else to organize the whole event, which has led to a very interesting business idea around the concept of traveling and tourism. […]


Interview with Chitrangana Agle Reshwal: The first female Pakhawaj player

From her voice itself, you will guess that she is a shy and composed lady, but when it comes to playing the instrument, Pakhawaj, believed to be for men only, she displays the power with equal intensity. As she recounts her experience with great Tabla exponent, Pt. Kishan Maharaj, who remarked that she shames male […]

Interview with singing sensation Harshdeep Kaur

She was born in Delhi but later on moved to Mumbai to pursue her dreams for singing. She belonged to a musical family but she become the first female singer to win two reality shows. She studied music from her father but took formal classes also from Mr. Tejpal Singh, popularly known as the Singh […]

Entrepreneur Poonam Binaykiya: Financial advisor

Did you ever want to get your share certificates yield something for you? What do you do with if you have a physical copy of the shares and do not know what to do with them. For good, you will decide that they are as good as scrap papers. Wait. There is something you can […]

Gogappa: Monica Agrawal offers different ways of online gifting

She took her chance in a field which is already been tapped by lots of players. Monica Agrawal, from her personal experiences, noted that there is a need of online portals that could allow the customers to customize their products with luxury type packing.   She finally took the plunge as she launched her online […]

Ritambhara Agrawal: Managing Partner at INTELLIGERE

Ritambhara is a serial entrepreneur, a Business Lawyer, Speaker and Author of various International Publications, specializing in corporate commercial laws and Intellectual Property Law. She also has significant transactional experience in transactional legal (M&A, private equity, structured lending and funds structuring), general corporate (foreign direct/portfolio investment, JVs and other corporate advisory including tax) and IP […]

YourNextLeap: Are you ready for it? is a recommendation engine which acts as a virtual career counsellor to help students make smarter career decisions. It involves a suite of online tools, which use psychometric evaluations and math models on past admission patterns, to give out personalized suggestions.   The applications help students increase their chances of admissions by finding colleges […]

Tina Bychkova

Entrepreneur Tina Bychkova–founder of Invest Engine

The entrepreneur and investor spectrum is always abuzz with activity. On the web sphere, a lot is happening. There are websites, portals, and domains that bring these two ends together and make them work out on business plans that can be launched to bring about a change and a successful venture. Creating a business plan […]

Entrepreneur Aruna Gopakumar: Birth of a learning revolution

Aruna Gopakumar, Founder, Navgati started her venture as a provider of quality learning events. Founded 11 years ago, as an independent consultancy by her, it converted into a formal organisation 6 years back when the team felt that they had something significant. By education Aruna holds an engineering degree from Anna Univ (1991) and a […]

Entrepreneur Madhurie Singh–founder of SuperIndiaKid

Kids are the hope of future. They carry within themselves the potential that will further the cause of human race. In every doctrine around the world, it is mentioned that in the purest form, man is indeed God. God created human-kind in its own image. However, like the ocean put in a vessel with condensed […]

Interview with Jyoti Ramnath–Founder of

  About CraftMyGift: CraftMyGift creates unique gifts high on creativity and personalization. It is not simply a gift shop but works as a gift advisor to suggest and create gifts which are perfect for your special occasion. There is a strong undercurrent in the consultation part when the company works with clients to create personalized […]

Interview with Kori Linae Carothers–a composer with a difference

  Kori Linae Carothers’ saga of her musical quest to share her soul stemmed from her childhood. Ever since Kori can remember, music has always painted imagery in her mind. She was always listening to something on the record player in her home in Minnesota and Texas. Her favorites were Herb Alpert and the Tijuana […]

Interview with Anuradha Pal–a female Tabla Player

On personal notes, it is very rare to find female Tabla players. So, if you, dear reader, are an avid fan of Indian classical music, we have something special for you–a female Tabla player hailed as the “Queen of Tabla”! Mumbai-based Tabla virtuoso and percussionist, Anuradha Pal, is an internationally acclaimed and popular Tabla soloist […]