Enabling you to secure a government job

Job search is one of the most strenuous hassles of life. Every individual passing out of school or college wishes to land on his dream job for career advancement as well as to find a lucrative earning opportunity. While unemployment is adequately being addressed in the nation both by government as well as private sectors […]

TechIndiaSoftware–Making its way to the top

Techindiasoftware is one of the premier firms in India’s IT sector. As evident from its website, the firm has a rich expertise across three important domains of this industry segment including digital marketing, web solutions and mobile apps. The portfolio of its high profile clients is a testimony to prove the inimitable capabilities of the […]

Mobile Apps going for traditional advertising models

PepperTap sends discount coupons with courier Who says that traditional and print advertisement models are going to die very soon? No, they are not? Advertisement and marketing are two areas where innovation is happening almost every second but still you may surprised by people taking traditional methods. I received a discount coupon from the courier […]

Brands react to social media feedback differently

Recently, I have become more active on Twitter than ever. Reason? Simple. Brands that do not respond to your usual emails through ‘contact us’ pages, do reply on twitter promptly and also fling into action. (Yes, I mean that!) So, I will take example of three brands that are fairly large in their respective domain. […]


Paytm customer care on social media is far better

This is classic case where e-commerce sites have lot to do–making sure the vendors registered with them don’t screw their customers, because the reflection of a faulty product delivered goes to Paytm and not to the vendor who actually sent it. One of very close friends of mine ordered a DSLR Canon camera from Paytm. […]

Social media marketing strategy for startups on Facebook

Social media strategy for startups When it comes to social media marketing strategy, a lot of startups have week knees because they think it is a huge task and can’t be done in-house. They quickly figure out that an outside agency should handle their accounts. A lot of money is spent with minimum to moderate […]

What kind of boss your startup should not have?

The most important factor that makes an employee or a team member stick to your startup or company is the reporting manager–the personality, attitude, character, and the acumen of the reporting manager will make sure that the right kind of talent stays within the team. A lot of companies suffer from huge attrition rate in terms of […]

Why your startup should not adopt the Indian Ph. D. model?

Do you know what Indian Ph. D. model is? Well, this may sound to be overly sarcastic and I should refrain from throwing bad light on my nations image; unfortunately this remains true, and this is one of the reasons that keep us backwards or keep pulling our legs. I admit that the same Ph. […]

What Indian startups can learn from ISRO’s Mangalyaan?

An overview of ISRO’s Mangalyaan project in context of Indian social media Have you given a thought to this: what made ISRO’s Mangalyaan so much popular among the professionals who are sitting on the social media and celebrating its success with jokes, pranks, graphics and sharing every message that has a hashtag of #mars #mangalyaan […]

How can startups cure your indigestion

Knowledge that is not put into practice is like food that is not digested. –Sri Sathya Sai Baba Have you felt the practicality of this sentence in your professional life? Have you noticed how working in a particular role, amassing a lot of knowledge and skill will make your life miserable because in big corporate […]

What type of content resource a startup should hire?

I have been working in the internet industry for the last 11 years. I have seen the great rise of the dotcom and also the recession that hit almost everybody so hard that they had to make drastic changes in their career and life. I have also seen black-hat SEO techniques giving rich dividends to […]

Entrepreneur Factory

When someone considers becoming an entrepreneur, especially a first generation entrepreneur, what are the first bottlenecks (s)he would face? What do I do as “business”? What skills I need? Initial investment (Savings or loan) Time Work place or office / showroom space Facilities Customers (Direct, Corporate) Raw materials (for product manufacturing and selling businesses) Skilled […]

5 lessons entrepreneurs can learn from movie Wolverine

Wolverine happened to be the first 3-D movie that I watched in a cineplex. Overall, it was a very nice experience and it opened up a lot of thoughts in my mind. 1. If your idea is unique, there might be people who would want to replicate it, which means potential competition. Yashida wants to […]

Startup funding news of the week

Below is the list of startups that got funded last week. This list is compiled from various sources on internet: TB Biosciences, which is developing a point-of-care test for the detection of tuberculosis, has closed $1.5 million Series A financing AcuityAds, which uses real-time bidding for advertisers to bid on ad time just before a […]

Startup funding news of the week

Below is the list of startup funding of the last week compiled from internet. Klip.in, a social shopping discovery and curation platform, has raised funding from VentureNursery, an angel-backed startup accelerator Tweekaboo, a technology platform for recording and sharing family moments, has raised US$800,000 seed funding Phynd Technology, a Provider Management Platform for healthcare institutions […]

Startup funding news of the week

Below are the startup funding news of the last week compiled from internet: DataTorrent, a Hadoop-based, real-time data streaming platform, has raised $8 million funding led by August Capital Lightpoint Medical Ltd, a developer of innovative imaging technologies for cancer surgery, has secured £175,000 seed funding Combat Gent, a fine menswear etailer that equips men […]

Startup funding news of the week

Following is the startup funding news from around the world. It’s compiled from various resources of the web. Covestor, a website that allows people to mimic the investments of others, has secured $12.75M Series B funding Berlin-based mobile shopping deals app Scondoo has secured just under €1m in seed funding led by German VC Point […]

Startup funding news of the week

Below are some of the fundings that startups got in the last week. The information is compiled from the internet. Indonesian online real estate marketplace UrbanIndo has concluded a Series A financing round led by Japan-based GREE Ventures Fastly, a start up that provides a content delivery network (CDN) that is built for speed, raises […]

Startup funding news of the week

Below is the list of startups who got funded from various investors. The list is complied from internet resources: Huggity, developer of a new Post Event Marketing Tool that allows brands to extend their exposure, has secured a €600,000 investment Neurotrack, whose technology can diagnose the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease 3-4 years before symptoms occur, […]

Startup funding news of the week

Below are certain funding news complied from various source available on the net. RingDNA, which offers intelligent telephony for companies to improve sales, marketing & support performance, raises $1.9M seed funding Zoobean, a site that makes it easy to find children’s books that are recommended and curated by parents, raises $500,000 seed funding GenY Medium, […]

Startup funding news of the last week

Below are some of the startups that have been funded recently. Kinetic Social, a leading social media advertising technology company, has raised $8 million Series A funding VeryLastRoom, a hotel booking app that lets you negotiate last minute prices even cheaper than on the web, gets €400,000 seed funding DraftKings, a leading provider of daily […]

Startup funding news of the week

Here are some funding updates of startups. These are compiled from various online sources and social media sites. Netchemia, the leading provider of cloud-based talent management software for K-12 school districts and institutions, raises $6.5M funding 20Jeans, a men’s online retailer, has raised ~$1M seed funding from investors including Baroda Ventures, Plus Capital & Siemer […]

After Vicky Leaks and not Vicky Donor, It’s Vicky.in

From a simple reviewing site that catered to the needs of users who wanted to know more about various cars available in the market, Vicky.in has increased its operations and range. The founders continued their effort and built a complete portal where users can buy and sell cars, know more about them and share the information […]

MebelKart–selling furniture online

In the times when companies, startups, and entrepreneurs are looking to sell almost every product on internet, furniture has remained an item that is considered too pricey (and even unique) to try online. Some of the consumers state that furniture carries a certain kind of emotional value to the purchase because they will be using […]