English Poem–The sea

(Inspired by a song of Diane Arkenstone) The sea is encompassing, yet, tightly secured for the still-unexplored aquatic kingdom that hides the untold mysteries beyond the ken of human understanding. It seems God keeps the treasures and secret-meetings with Mâyâ beneath the turbulence of water-surface where a gentle calm floats all around. Like a hidden […]

English Poem–Yoke it like a mule

My mind, like a lazy and corrupted entity, has dragged my wisdom to the nether end. It never allowed me to rise above the imprudent and fleeting entanglements of this world. Yoke it like a mule to the cart of your service, my Lord, and with the whip of your all-conquering power, let me follow […]

English Poem–Music—you enrapture me!

Music, Why you seem to move through my inner being like if you own me from head to toe? Why you are the sound—having no form, no smell, no taste, no feeling; but an irresistible power that snares every cell and nerve? Why, as it seems, you meet me mentally and manage my moods? Every […]

English Poem–If I were to get you

During all those dark hours when my being just wanted to run away from elemental bindings, you held me tight with the blissful clutches of those unfailing words. When I felt alone like a solitary worm in the most remote anthill at the top of an abandoned mountain, you crept in from nowhere to accompany […]

English Poem–Whom you would call

Whom you would call the greatest loser on earth? One who has lost a piece of land; one who has lost some diamonds; one who has lost a place in higher ranks of the society; or the one who has lost his conviction, his self-belief, his self-confidence, his faith, and his aim? Whom you would […]

English Poem–You perhaps know not

What are the words of a poet to me? Not more than the flowing combination of consonants and vowels put together to make a string that has no flowers woven through it. What are the songs of a musician to me? Not more than the sounding combination of notes and noises put together to make […]

English Poem–Me, not mine

When you are tired from the physical work and your mind wants to rest, I engage you in a child-play on those trees of my Champak-Van with the companions that we hold close to our hearts. And when we all are exhausted, we refresh ourselves with the sport of our Over-self. When you sit in […]

English Poem–Being the un-being

Your longing starts a sort of acidic reaction in the chemicals of my body. My mind wants to cross-over the threshold of nothingness and join the vastness. My whole being seems to be standing at the cliff ready to dive deep into your bliss… Ah, what a state of perpetual love I experience when I […]

English Poem–Assurance

When I suffer defeat at the hands of nature and its elements, I console myself with your assurance. When I face problems due to the dictates of my destiny, I console myself with your assurance. When I face sorrows due to the results of my own deeds, I console myself with your assurance. But when […]

English Poem–Benefit of losing

You took away everything from me, my lover, and rendered me without any possession. You even did not let me retain my own self, which I thought was always mine and could never be parted. In the mutual process of love, they say, you lose everything that you have, and gain what the lover has. […]

English Poem–Burning anguish

Your form appears most beautiful to my eyes, my Lord, though I have not seen you. Your words are most soothing to my ears, my Lord, though they have not caught your voice even once. Your name tastes sweetest to my lips, my Lord, though they don’t know how to pronounce it. Your knowledge is […]

English Poem–Conviction

They say I have come from the other world, where I once was one with you. Now, you sent me in this world and I wanted to return, to get you, though in some other form. But some say it is waste to love the things of this world, when anyhow you will have to […]

English Poem–Who has

He, who has got a glimpse of your pure beauty, does not feel sad with the ugly picture of this world. He, who has caught a word of your ethereal voice, does not feel distracted with the buzzing noise of this world. He, who has had a touch of the warmth of your love, does […]

English Poem–Desire for ephemeral things

The fishes that long for the outer world and dare to come to the surface of the sea are thrown on the banks. The sea abandons them and the fishes suffer the agony of the separation, and finally, die. I also craved for these things and as per the rule, have been thrown out of […]

English Poem–He, who

He, who moves the whole world with His sheer will and without even moving His little finger, seeks my hand to move, in the form of a baby. He, who fills this earth with awesome greenery of uncountable species, asks for my gardening skills in my front-yard to bloom, in the form of a flower. […]

English Poem–Fire and thirst

Refusal of water to a thirty person augments his thirst, though the fire gets extinguished if it is not fed. The fire of worldly desires has cooled down, for, I have failed to fulfil them. But I am now marching with a thirst of your love; deny as you like, my lord, but it will […]

English Poem–Highest punishment and blessing

You are the master of my past, present and future, and also of any other phase that is left. You hold the power of my senses, and the limitation and freedom that are bestowed upon them. You yourself give free reins to them or bind them and, thus, engage them in wrongful or meritorious deeds, […]

English Poem–Unquenchable thirst

There were wishes, charms, motives, and intentions: The amalgamated joy of this world captured my attention for long. The sky with its stars made me jealous of its beauty. I vied with the sea to get the possession of priceless pearls. I wanted to rob the earth of all its flowers and make them perfume […]

English Poem–If my

If my trembling body and heart give you pleasure my Lord; let me quiver in the ecstasy of your vision. If my failing lips, unable to utter the words, please you, my Lord; permit me to sing aloud your glory and majesty. If my insignificant doings, otherwise unworthy of notice, have aroused your benediction, my […]

English Poem–Being human

Crossing the threshold of existence with a gigantic leap does not justify the award of being born as a human. For, what would be the purport of all this that can be sensed? Just as you start from the tail-end of a train, crossing each and every compartment and bogie, experiencing the ambience of different […]

English Poem–I stop not to want

I stop not to want; to crave; to yearn for this and that, and the execution process of yours is tough. Yes, full of mysteries and dis-satisfactory moments. You appear to approach me with hands ready to grant, and I march forward to receive. Then you suddenly stop and look totally unconcerned, and this flusters […]

English Poem–Shiva grove

(Inspired by a song of Shambhu Vineberg) The dark forest around my being is impassable—it is thick, dense and full of elusive paths that are extremely difficult to locate. It seems, for eons, I am mired in this place struggling hard for my release. The trial appears to be unending. Disconnecting my mind from the […]

English Poem–This, not that

I have not come to you to get the things that I love; rather, to love you before other things could lead me astray. I do not need you as a doctor who puts ointment on the wounds; rather, as a mother, who cares for the child lest it might get hurt. I perhaps do […]

English Poem–Immediate Action Needed

The ball needs dusting: It has been covered by sloth and untruth. Smash it hard, O Eternal Child, and keep not standing unconcerned. The sapling needs water: It has been dried by envy and selfishness. Pour thunder-showering your love, O Eternal Gardener, and keep not standing unconcerned. The child needs guidelines: If has been led […]

English Poem–Magical Forest

(Inspired by a song of David Arkenstone) Sauntering into the deeper realms of the forest, I hear a celestial music that sets my feet to an unknown rhythm. The air is still, and there is a certain expectancy of somebody approaching me. The slightest movement of leaves sends a thrill of joy into my heart, […]