English Poem–I Surrender my Camera

Peeping through the viewfinder that offers multiple focus points, I want to capture a picture of yours. I have many of them, but all the actualizations have some type of blemish. Sometimes, my focus is not sharp; sometimes, the alignment is not correct; sometimes, the image is dark due to incorrect shutter speed. Should I […]

English Poem–Karmic Shame

How thankful I am to this recurring pain that visits me every other second; I don’t have to spare a special time to contemplate on you. It’s like having an alarm clock that wakes me up. Every other moment, I get a chance to connect to you; though I often waste it by focusing more […]

English Poem–Contemplation

My activity is my meditation. Every movement of my limbs is like a prayer that I offer to you. Sitting in my dance suite with my head tucked in my legs, I contemplate on you, my Lord. What’s it that can make me worthy of you! When I was a baby, I was excited to […]

English Poem–A Child on the Beach

On the spot where the earth ends and the aquatic kingdom marks its boundaries, a child is trying his luck. He is fascinated by the majesty of the sea, and wants to ride high on those whitecaps. The thrill of the surf is irresistible. Yet, he is cautious. Submitting to the unnamed fear that wells […]

English Poem–Bear with Me

The only thing I am sure of is this: I am eligible for every type of failure; capable of every type of sin; prone to every type of defeat; and amateurish enough to commit every type of fault. Bear with me! I have gone to school and have listened to the hallowed talk too. I […]

English Poem–I was Dumb, Yesterday

This line looks so perfect that I can repeat it almost daily. So, let me begin: yes, I was dumb, yesterday. I always had high hopes and felt that I had a star in me. Yet, I always get proven wrong at some point of time on a daily basis. Today I feel clever because […]

English Poem–That Leopard is my Spiritual Guru

Watching that leopard in the cage, a sense of commiseration grips my heart. I am in a zoo. Why I visit a zoo, I don’t know! Perhaps, I love animals. Or is it the sight of a living being, struggling to be free, quenches the beastly desires that are latent in me? The leopard, as […]

English Poem–I Have a Fight!

I am a fighter. Yes, I am, and this conclusion is not a hurried one. I have found this dominating trait of my persona after spending thirty-one extremities of the humid subtropical climate. I fight with everybody, everything, all the time. In office, I fight with the expectations and responsibilities that are levied upon me […]

English Poem–Little Joys of Childhood

That unchecked greed of eating soiled fruits fallen on the ground, and believing that somebody once jumped from the moon on earth, unhurt. That playing with unvaccinated street puppies, and oblivious of any thing called Rabies. That crouching in front of the home-made earthen stove waiting for the bathing water to boil, and eating grapes […]

English Poem–My Life is a Dragon

I had been a dragon-slayer in my previous births. God decided to give me another shot, and I took birth facing the challenges of the dragon called ‘life’. This dragon is huge and unpredictable. I even don’t know what powers or limitations it possesses. But sometimes, I marvel at the beauty of this uncertainty—it reminds […]

English Poem–While my flute silently weeps

On those mountain peaks of Kailâsh sits my Master. He is Bholânâth–having naive demeanor–and is pleased with little efforts of his children. Being Natrâj–the king of dancers–He knows how a baby fumbles as it starts walking on its spiritual journey before it grows apt in those rhythmic movements. He’s patient and calm and awaits the […]

English Poem–The river of creation

(Inspired by a song of Diane Arkenstone) Ridden and laden with deep stillness, the river of creation hides the agitation within its bosom. The influx and efflux of what is called material have the source that comprises a vibrant void. The processes of evolution and dissolution occur within the precincts of a boundless arena. To […]

English Poem–A singular life

Existing with evanescing effectuality and being misfit in the changing script of this causal drama demand stern costs. With every eloping jiffy of clock, you manage to receive lancinating incisions and self-depreciating vindication of ‘good-for-nothing’ conviction. The insouciant noesis towards worldly existence and dégagé prospect for somatic changes mark no easy occupation to be in. […]

English Poem–Who am I

A very strange kind of feeling is setting up in my body. I feel like a stranger inside me. When I sit motionless, something inside me feels like dancing vigorously. When I move around, I feel like I am sitting still and everything else is dynamic—as if I am watching a movie. I feel a […]

English Poem–I like this movie

On the familiar trek/track beside the dried canal that spreads around three Kilometer, I ride my unclean mobike with a speed of 20 kmph. The time is of the twilight and the birds have returned to their nests. The woods on the right-side look still, pale-dark, and contemplating on an unheard song. On a tree […]

English Poem–Lord, it is time

Standing on the 9th floor of a big corporate building, eagle-eyeing an area of around 20 Km through a somewhat dirty glass of a door, I feel watching a giant screen. The diesel generators powering the whole electric system, manned electric-lifts moving up-and-down, and the queued car-line at the ground answer the ‘what is around […]

English Poem–Who are you!

In those pulverizing moments when no one cares to sit beside you, for, you are illogical, who would you seek for? When each and every thing, object, agreement, coherence comes only when you lose interest in it, who would you seek for? If you come to realize that there could be nobody who could simply […]

English Poem–I am

While I sit dormant and lethargically avoiding any activity, I feel everything inside me dancing like a refreshed athlete. When I travel in a 3-wheeler where around thirteen people are huddled like broiler chickens, I feel everything inside me flying with the speed of sound. When I sit inside my dark chamber trembling with each […]

English Poem–Journey of life

Traveling to the National Capital in the State-run roadways-bus, I sit at the last window-seat adjacent to the exit gate. The journey spreads beyond 300 Km, wading through many towns, cities, and the countryside. Somewhere, a Myna sits on the high-voltage tower, standing unmoved, carrying the load of electricity through fields and lands. The sky […]

English Poem–The unknown identity

In the depths of acute and void silence, a continuum of languishing want makes its presence felt with the sound of feeble steps. Where there is nothing, I mean nothing, a singular identity hopes for a companion to whisper the depths of its yearning. In every stroke of sound called music, there is a demand […]

English Poem–Saturn calling

(Inspired by a song of Jeff Oster) I march towards the Saturn who calls me from a distance with an enchanting sound. It sounds to my ears a call from my native place. It is deep, original, intriguing and curiosity-awakening. The density of this sound covers everything that my ears can hear. It is all-powerful […]

English Poem–You, not me

To be blessed with grace, the need of self-surrender is a must. But tell me, O heart! Is there any self that you have the authority to surrender? When everything already belongs to you, my Lord, then who am I to surrender or not to! The self that you ask me to surrender is already […]

English Poem–A tryst at a peak

On that peak, Where I went up to be alone with you, a distant call of birds welcomes me. It is strangely comforting to be with the unseen you. I sit there feeling your warmth and hearing the whispers of your breath. I feel you are almost touching me. Yet, there is this unique singularity […]

English Poem–You make and unmake

You made me to burn for quite a while in a sense of shame and self-negation. The silence of night spoke to me in whispers of your quiet denial. The morning opened its heart in songs of pain and separation. The sky loomed over my heart with a grim and crabbing air of your hope. […]

English Poem–Call of spirit

(Inspired by a song of Shambhu Vineberg) The sound fills the entire space around me. But, it is fragmented in pieces and is discontinuous—the notes do not get the backing they need to bind me. With feeble touches of their diminished powers, they receive interrupted attention from my being. Among the clamorous stimuli of such […]