CD Review of In The Company Of Clouds by Erik Scott

What intrigues me in any instrumental music CD is the names of the songs that a composer or an artist chooses. What drives them to give words to the music or the feel behind a particular piece or a tune–what sensibility or tinge they feel when they listen to what they have created? Or is it the […]

CD Review of Sisu by Jennifer DeFrayne

While listening to this album, I came to know about the incredible story of Jennifer, which is so inspiring and soul-stirring. Facing difficulties in life is everybody’s lot; to maintain the creative instinct is a gift given to only a few. Jennifer has risen above the hardships that her life brought to her, and she […]

Lakshmi Lullabies by Noelani Love

CD Review of Lakshmi Lullabies by Noelani Love

If you have visited any of the Hawaiian islands, you will find a unique connection with the land and the sea and the people–it is a beautiful blend of modern world and ancient practices and beliefs. It’s like people who feel a different kind of pull inside them are somehow made to visit this place […]

Shambhu Vineberg--Soothe

Review of Soothe by Shambhu Vineberg

Album Name: Soothe Artist Name: Shambhu Vineberg Total Time: 41:51 What comes to your mind when you think about this verb: Soothe? Well, my first response would be to be somewhere quiet–without noise or even a sound. Think about strolling in Japanese bamboo forest or sitting on a rock on a peaceful beach with a […]

Inner Rhythm Meditation

Review of Inner Rhythm Meditations by Byron Metcalf

Album Name: Inner Rhythm Meditation Artist Name: Byron Metcalf (Erik Wollo, Peter Phippen) Total Time: 65:02 You rarely come across a collection of music that binds you so easily. With a pull similar to the gravitational force, it makes you sit and relax, and just let go of your whole being. Simply awesome music! Drums are usually […]

CD Review of Starlings by Murmurations Duo

Album Name: Starlings Artists: The Murmurations Duo (Suellen Primost/Jeremy Marais) Total Time: 54:18 Of all the musical instruments, nothing defines the space better than a cello. Every brush of the bow on a string sets the very existence of your being. I may be sounding like making sweeping statements, but the depth and the range that […]

Review of Distorted Time by Art Tawanghar and Ruth Weber featuring Emilia Lopez Yanez

The inspiration of an artist often comes from nature and also from the day-to-day experiences that one goes through. However, to combine the concept of quantum physics, time, and human existence is something unique, and deserves deeper attention. Distorted Time sounds scientifically magical. It’s cryptic, thought-provoking, groovy, and has a very unique sense of rhythm […]

Review of Mystic by Al Conti

Album Name: Mystic Artist Name: Al Conti Total Time: 50:34 It is difficult to create a sound for the phenomenon which is beyond sound, yet considered the very source of sound. However, the best creativity lies in trying it, and this is what mystics, poets, musicians and artists of various ages, lands and tastes have […]

The Native American Flute as Therapy Micki Free

Review of The Native American Flute as Therapy by Micki Free

Album Name: The Native American Flute as Therapy Artist Name: Micki Free Total Time: 93:04 Native American music can’t be better than this. Yes, I mean it! The most authentic connection I have ever felt with Native American music is through Micki’s album. Just can’t express how amazing the concept of the whole album is. Totally […]

Review of Rest & Relax With Piano By Fiona Joy

Album Name: Rest & Relax with Piano Artist Name: Fiona Joy Language: English Genre: Wellness Owner: Times Music I have been dreaming of this day for long–Indian people using Western classical instrumental music for wellness and meditation. This almost sounds paradoxical because many in their own imaginative world believe that only Indian classical music is fit for […]

Beyond the Waves by Ann Licater

CD review of Beyond the Waves by Ann Licater

This is the second time I am getting a chance to listen to Ann’s music–she brings so much novelty to her music that every time you hear it, you feel there is something new to tune to. Flute is something that entices my inner-being a lot and I would be wrong if I don’t mention […]

Signature Synchronicity by Fiona Joy

CD Review of Signature-Synchronicity by Fiona Joy

Piano instrumental music with a voice that resonates just right–what else you want to tune to when you have rains lashing out your house! Yes, this is what I got when I listened to Fiona’s new album Signature–Synchronicity while enjoying heavy storm and rains at a time of Indian summers when the temperature is beginning […]

City of Love Shakila

CD Review of 11:11 City of Love by Shakila

Album: 11:11 City of Love Artist: Shakila Total Time: 39:23 Well, I never imagined I will hear somebody from Iran singing such beautiful English pieces–being a poet, first thing that comes to my mind when I hear about Iran is Rumi. That his poetry is read throughout the world even now is a true reflection of […]

Radio God Album Cover

CD review of Radio God by Get Tribal

Album Name: Radio God Artist: Get Tribal Total Time: 45:14 I heard this album in different conditions using different platforms and different speakers–first I heard it traveling in a Metro in my Apple iPod 4 using earphones. Then, I played it on my Lenovo laptop sitting in my bedroom. The effect and my reaction are different–in […]

First Light Peter Calandra

CD review of First Light by Peter Calandra

Album: First Light Artist: Peter Calandra Total Time: 44:31 Music is the essence of everything in this universe. It may have different wavelength and frequency at different places and levels, but it is there–like the unseen Power that empowers the whole world, music is present everywhere. The trick lies in trying to listening to it; […]

Kori L Carothers

CD review of Fire in the Rainstorm by Kori L Carothers

Album: Fire in the Rainstorm Artist: Kori L. Carothers Total Time: 43:40 Music has this mystical and indescribable power that weaves a magic around anybody who approaches it with bare soul. It enchants you; at the same time, endows you to create the same magic for others. This is what Kori did when she let […]

CD review of Kochi by The San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir

Album: Kochi Artist: The San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir Total Time: 39:19 For me, this is the first ever album that contains Jewish choral music. I have never been exposed to these chorals though I have heard some Christmas carols, and of course some Georgian chants used in some films and TV serials. This was unique. […]

Anne Trenning

CD Review of The Sunflower Waltz by Anne Trenning

Artist’s Name: Anne Trenning Album Name: The Sunflower Waltz Total Time: 52:33 I have been fortunate to have a close friendship with Anne though physically we live oceans apart. (!) But then, geography become tiny when you draw the distant locations on the canvas of your heart. Just wind it off and you can locate the […]

Peter Kater

CD Review of Love by Peter Kater

Artist’s Name: Peter Kater Album Name: Love Total Time: 71:01 I remember knowing more about Peter through an email interview that I did with him more than five years back. It was an amazing insight into this brilliant musician’s life and passion. I am happy I got the chance to listen to his music again through his […]

CD review of Distant Mirrors by Rhonda Larson

Artist’s Name: Rhonda Larson Album Name: Distant Mirros Total Time: 55:10 If you know Rhonda personally, you will realize that this album is as effervescent and filled with moods as she herself is. I have met her once over a lunch in New Haven, and I can easily see her own personality very well tuned […]

Step by Step

CD review of Step by Step by Antonio Simone

Artist’s Name: Antonio Simone Album Name: Step by Step Total Time: 47:11 This is the second CD by Antonio Simone that I got to hear. Without doubt, he has created the same kind of magic that he created with Life Colors. This review also is due long as I could not spare the time to […]

Anne Trenning

CD review of Suite Tea by Anne Trenning

Artist’s Name: Anne Trenning Album Name: Suite Tea Total Time: 38:37 Coming from North India, and especially from Punjab, you are not exposed to Piano that often and it takes good amount of effort to tune your sound-buds to the solo performances. However, I had been quite blessed in the sense that I have many […]

Another Place and Time

CD Review of Another Place and Time by Heidi Anne Breyer

Artist’s Name: Heidi Anne Breyer Album Name: Another Plance and Time Total Time: 66:07 It is expected that you pick a good time and good environment when you tune yourself to listen to such a soulful music. However, I was surprised when I played the first song of this album, All Souls Lullaby, sitting in […]

Calmness of Spirit

CD review of Calmness of Spirit by David Hoffman

Album Name: Calmness of Spirit Artist: David Hoffman Total Time: 64:25 Calmness of Spirit certainly brings a unique calmness to your being when you plug yourself to it amidst the disturbing noises of your surroundings. The very first song, The Singing Frogs of Guadeloupe send you to a somewhat lonely place where you can enjoy […]

Jeff Oster

CD Review of True by Jeff Oster

Album: True Artist: Jeff Oster Total Time: 44:24 “The songs of this album speak so many places I’ve never been. There was no master plan to capture these worlds in song. Yet I know that if I were to visit, my music would be welcomed with a smile, an embrace and with love. My hope […]