Vivek Kumar

Vivek comes from a background of content, social media, and marketing strategy. He has worked in one of the largest media houses in the world, and also in early startups. He is a full-time consultant advising and executing content and marketing strategies for his clients. His interests include helping small businesses grow, startup marketing strategies, content marketing, and blogging. He finds great solace in singing, listening to classical instrumental music, reading poetry, travel, and photography.

Poem on importance of time in english

Sai devotees and global warming

Sai devotees and Global Warming Sāi Rām! We are here to discuss one of the growing problems in the world, which relates to every human being, every place on earth, and which has a solution that we can incorporate in our life serving dual purpose—for the benefit of the humanity, and for our own spiritual …

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Poem on importance of time in english

संस्कृत भाषा

संस्कृत भाषा का मूल्य तो इसके पठन से ही ज्ञात हो सकता है। इसमें कोई आपत्ती नहीं कि संस्कृत भाषा अपना अस्तित्व् खोने के कगार पर है, परंतु जो कोई भी इस भाषा का ज्ञान रखता है वो इस बात को जानता है कि संस्कृत भाषा इतनी दुर्बल नहीं। ये अवश्य ही अपनी ख्याती पुनः …

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Poem on importance of time in english

Live music concert for life

On March 2, 2007, I attended a concert of Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia, accompanied by one of his disciple, Sunil, and one of the most versatile Tabla player of his age, Pt. Vijay Ghate. The Tanpura player (she was a young girl), I could not get her name. The troupe had come to present their …

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Poem on importance of time in english

Advantages of freelancing jobs

Freelancing jobs are quite interesting in many of their prospective: it is hard to believe for a regular user that most of people who are not used to internet and the terminology that we frequently use, it is hard to understand what even this word “freelancing” means. They are not able to visualize how the …

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Poem on importance of time in english

ATMs in Ancient India

ATMs in Ancient India The title of this article may sound strange and very striking, but we will systematically deliberate on the issue of the title. Let me take you back to the 15th century where, in the Gujarat State of India, lived a great and renowned devotee of Lord, popularly known as Narsimh Mehta …

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Poem on importance of time in english

Science And Sacrifice

You might be attracted to this article because of its title. Sacrifice! What science has to do with this word? The other case may be that you are a serious reader and does not want to miss anything. Let it be whichever case, we start our conversation. There are many professions that offer a good …

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