CD Reviews: The Spaceship that Fell in my Backyard and The Love We Feel Inside

The beauty of music, like many other art-forms, is that it can cater to various audiences that are completely unrelated; can focus on different themes that are not connected; can arouse emotions that are beyond the range of age.

I am so happy to get the chance to hear different kind of music from almost around the whole world and feel the messages and the vibes that various artists want to convey through the beautiful sounds that they produce.

Such was my recent experience when I heard these two albums.

The Ship That Fell in My Backyard

The Spaceship that fell in my backyardAlbum Name: The Ship That Fell in My Backyard

Artist (s) Name: Ruth and Emilia

An album especially created for children is a true winner. There are 11 tracks on the album that they definitely weave a story that has a message for this world–the children because they are the bearer of the future. If they take the message to their hearts, the world definitely will be ready to become a better place than we know presently.

The music of all tracks is quite suitable and appropriate for dancing or performing if somebody chooses to create a dance-drama around the songs or the overall story.

The children’s choir adds a very pleasing element and young listeners of the album can feel an immediate connection to the album.

Ruth and Emilia and all the other artists have done a wonderful job for creating this album–I wish them all the success and fulfillment of their mission!

The Love We Feel Inside

The Love We Feel InsideAlbum Name: The Love We Feel Inside

Artist (s) Name: Godz of Muzic

This is a very special album dedicated to the universal underlying unity of all the religions and various incarnations of saints, gods, and Avatars across the globe. The album celebrates the fact that every human being is connected to each other through the thread of universal love.

The album has 4 tracks, rich with lyrical meanings and beautifully sung by Yani ChoirMistress.

The tracks are also rich in music and it feels you are listening to rock spiritual music, which has its own distinct beat and ability to make you tap your feet.

The lyrics of the songs carry a definite message and the listener could feel that the whole team has put their hearts into creating the album. I congratulate Tim Budden and all the artists for coming together and creating such a meaningful compilation of songs. Somewhere you wish the album had more songs. (!)



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