CD Review of Let There Be Light by Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer

I was driving through a small forest on the outskirts of my town with my 11-year old nephew who had skipped his school due to ill health when I played this CD in my car–after listening to the music silently for some time, he exclaimed: “What a beautiful music!”

It is a simple expression but coming from a child with a background of absolutely no exposure to the instrumental music at all, leave aside the genre etc., it was a vindication of the musical truth–good music touches a listening heart!

Album Name: Let There Be Light

Artists: Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer

Total Time: 54:35

The album opens your being to a new realm with different elements introduced in almost every track–water, rain, birds, and a wide horizon. What I really loved about this album was the subtle element of an experiment in every note–it felt that every note of the instruments wanted to convey something to the listener, and if he/she could hear it, the transportation of the self to another dimension was possible.

The music moves very slowly and is perfect for mindful meditation or if you choose to go for a drive with someone whose company you love. The range of flute notes in the second track, First Light, is amazing and fills your heart with joy–Sherry has truly shown her class in this one. Multi-instrumentalist, Tom Moore, has also done a wonderful work by employing his repertoire to its full capacity.

The album has the magic to justify its name: Let There Be Light. Once you hear it, your being will feel a freshness and newness around you, which is a tangible proof of light.

I congratulate the artists for being the instruments of this wonderful creation!

Track Name Duration
The Way of White Clouds 06:42
First Light 07:03
Timeless Journey 06:37
Full Moon Night 05:17
A Celebration of Life 06:07
Sacred Ground 06:01
Waves of Light 05:52
Tides of Time 05:27
A Deeper Light 05:29



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