30 More Turkish Loanwords Used in Hindi Language

Continuing our compilation with the loanwords from other languages in the Hindi language, we are presenting 30 more Turkish words that are frequently used in the Hindi and even Punjabi language.

Many of these words are also common to other languages including the Arabic and Persian. In India, many other regional languages also have these words used frequently because of the popularity and fusion of cultures.

We have provided the meaning of these words though some of them are contextually inter-related while others are used in the original meaning.

Turkish Words Used in the Hindi Language Meaning in English
मदद Help
कारवां Caravan, Train
पुतला Idol
नफ़रत Hatred
जमात Community
मक्सद Reason, Purpose, Objective
इलाज Medicine
दावत Feast
उस्ताद Grandmaster
खून Blood
तखत Throne
क़िताब Book
यार Helper, Supporter
मुबारक Bless
गिला Grudge
बराबर Together
चादर Tent
इरादा Wish
हक़ीकत Truth
ज़ोर Force
हक़ Right, Authority
इत्तेफ़ाक Allegiance
चूँकि Because
सेहत Health
सलत्नत Reign
शर्त Condition
दावा Cause
नसीब Destiny, Luck
क़यामत Judgement Day
हिसाब Accounts, Maths



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