Hindi Names for Saree Shop, Garments Shop and Ladies Boutique

Are you pleasantly intrigued by the title of this blog? Well, I was. While writing, I had to combine three popular search queries on Google and come up with suggestions that could justify the question that is posed by these queries by users.

While starting or opening a business, any businessman or an entrepreneur is troubled by this nagging question–what should be the name of the business. The brand name is very crucial in today’s world when you have to advertise to a multi-lingual audience spread over a huge geography targeting various modes of communication and information including traditional paper, mobiles, internet, and even display advertising.

A well-chosen and appropriate name could help you build a brand image that sticks with the audience and has a greater recall value. So, here are our suggestions for Hindi names for a saree shop, a garment shop or even a ladies boutique.

  1. If you are targeting local customers, go with the name of your family or town or you can pick up some trendy English words like ‘Choice,’ ‘Retro,’ or ‘Trendy’. A lot of similar words could be tried.
  2. If you are looking for an online business in this segment, you can have the traditional choices mentioned above or you can go for words like ‘Hallmark,’ ‘Prestigious,’ etc. You can try some lingual names particular to your language of choice or region in which you are situated.
  3. You can go for a combination of words like Top Boutique, Lovely Saree Center, Global Garment shop etc.

At the end of the day, picking a Hindi name for such businesses is not hard because usually customers relate to easy names and you don’t have to worry about picking some fancy names that are hard to pronounce and even difficult to read.



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