Hindi Names for Food Business, Food Stall, and Hotels

Some of the search queries that users have on Google include the name search for food-related businesses in the Hindi language. It is not difficult to pick a good Hindi name if you are looking to target a limited area–a village, a town or even a city. However, you might have to give it a bit of brainstorming if you are targetting online business or even going for a multi-city model. Brand names in food businesses have been very unique and stick quite easily.

Some of the online food delivery businesses have become very popular in recent times like FoodPanda, Swiggy and even food review portal like Zomato.

When it comes to the Hindi language, picking up names for hotels, Indian restaurants, and food stalls or even trucks, a lot of people go for the meaning of taste or the process like ‘Tadka,’ ‘Tawa,’ ‘Karahi,’ ‘ManPasand,’ or even some nicknames etc.

While it may look tricky but in my opinion, picking a food business name in Hindi is not difficult–just pick your name, your town’s name or even your family surname: what matters in a food business is the taste. If your customers like the taste of the food your serve, any name would pick and become a famous brand name. Take for example the names of Bikanervala, Haldiram, Om, Gopal, Mohan, etc. These are very common names but due to their service and food quality, they have become very popular.



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