Sanskrit Tattoo Translation of the Phrase It Is All Part Of The Process

Getting inked is a wonderful feeling–many people believe that it is a modern fad, but contrary to the popular notion, getting a tattoo is an ancient practice. In fact, there was a time in the recent past when it was denounced as a fashion gimmick, but recently it has picked its popularity among the young and old.

With the possibility of getting a temporary tattoo, it has become very easy to try a tattoo and get it removed easily after some time. In this wake, getting Sanskrit tattoo inked on your body is getting quite popular.

I am providing the Sanskrit tattoo translation of the phrase It is all part of the process.

Sanskrit Tattoo of the Phrase It Is All Part Of The Process

For the easy understanding of users who don’t read the Devanagari script, I am also providing the IAST transliteration so that they can understand the pronunciation of the Sanskrit translation quite easily.

Idaṁ Sarvaṁ Vidheraṅgamasti



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