Hindi Names of a New Company

I was going through some popular searches done by users across the globe on Google for Hindi names. A few of the suggested search queries shown by Google surprised me a bit–I had seen similar searches done in the Sanskrit language but never thought that the users are looking for similar names in the Hindi language also.

Here are some of the suggested search queries:

  1. Hindi names for a team
  2. Hindi names for a new company
  3. Hindi names for business
  4. Hindi names for company
  5. Hindi names for new business
  6. Hindi names for event company
  7. Hindi names for NGO
  8. Hindi names for firms
  9. Hindi names for shops
  10. Hindi names for startups

What is common in all these search queries? It shows that people are searching for name suggestions for the businesses, shops, and startups in the Hindi language. I have seen this trend in the Sanskrit language because it sounds exotic to have a Sanskrit name and sometimes people feel it enhance their brand value. However, I never thought that users will be searching for Hindi names of businesses and shops etc.

So, for such users, I am providing some suggestions that they can explore.

It’s not easy to choose a name for your business. I have seen that lots of people pick the names of their parents, children or even of the villages and cities that they originally belong to. However, company names, startup names may not go with this trend. They may like to go for Hindi names that are related to their industry. I would suggest choosing a Hindi name for your business based on any of these options:

  1. Related to the industry
  2. Related to the nature of the business–product or service
  3. Related to the area and understanding of the audience of your firm’s operations
  4. Related to a particular core value that your business upholds
  5. Picking a brand name based on the object/thing that is related to your business

If you any question, feedback or suggestion regarding how to choose Hindi names for your company or business, please do write to us through the comment section.



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