Hindi Names of Musical Instruments from English

Musical instruments often cross the geographical boundaries with which we usually tend to define various objects of this world, and often the names of these instruments go on to become popular in the native language or the original language in which that instrument was created. Only a handful of musical instruments have common names in other languages like in Hindi or English.

In this list of Hindi names of musical instruments, we have included many native Indian musical instruments also so that users who are learning Hindi could know the proper spellings of these instruments. Also, many foreigner and Western instruments are called by their original names only and there is no particular translation in the Hindi language.

Musical Instruments Names in Hindi and English

English Names Hindi Names of Musical Instruments
Tambourine खञ्जरी
Harmonium हारमोनियम, बाडा, पेटी
Piano पियानो
Flute बाँसुरी, मुरली, वेणु
Tambour ढोलक
Drums ड्रम
Guitar गिटार
Lyre वीणा
Lute वीणा
Cymbals मञ्जीरा
Conch शंङ्ख
Clarinet शहनाई
Bugle तुरही
Sitar सितार
Sarod सरोद
Tabla तबला
Mridangum मृदङ्गम
Pakhawaj पखावज
Bell घण्टी
Violin वायोलिन
Cello चैलो



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