10 Useful Sentences in Hindi about Shopping

If you have gone shopping in the market and would want to try speaking some sentences in Hindi to make it convenient for the vendors and for yourself too, we bring a compilation of ten basic phrases in Hindi that you can practice and start using. Of course, there could be many more sentences related to shopping and things could escalate depending on what you buy or purchase, yet these basic sentences in Hindi will help you convey your desires more appropriately.

Wherever possible, I have given the gender-specific variant of the sentence because, in the Hindi language, you have to take care how the verb changes depending on the gender.

Feel free to ask or suggest more such sentences through the comment section and I will be happy to provide the Hindi translation of those too. For the ease of users and readers who don’t read the Devanagari script, I have provided the transliteration too.

Useful Sentences in Hindi

  1. I need some medicine. (Gender Agnostic)

मुझे कुछ दवाई चाहिये।–Mujhe Kucha Dawāī Cāhiye. (Male)

मुझे कुछ औषधि चाहिये।–Mujhe Kucha Āuṣadhi Cāhiye. (Female)

  1. I want to buy some fruits.

मैं कुछ फल खरीदना चाहता हूँ।–Mai’ṅ Kucha Phala Kharīdanā Cāhatā Hū’ṅ. (Male)

मैं कुछ फल खरीदना चाहती हूँ।–Mai’ṅ Kucha Phala Kharīdanā Cāhatī Hū’ṅ. (Female)

  1. I want to buy some vegetables.

मैं कुछ सब्जियाँ खरीदना चाहता हूँ।–Mai’ṅ Kucha Sabjiyā’ṅ Kharīdanā Cāhatā Hū’ṅ. (Male)

मैं कुछ सब्जियाँ खरीदना चाहती हूँ।–Mai’ṅ Kucha Sabjiyā’ṅ Kharīdanā Cāhatī Hū’ṅ. (Female)

  1. I want to drink water.

मैं पानी पीना चाहता हूँ।–Mai’ṅ Pānī Pīnā Cāhatā Hū’ṅ. (Male)

मैं पानी पीना चाहती हूँ।–Mai’ṅ Pānī Pīnā Cāhatī Hū’ṅ. (Female)

  1. How much does it cost? (Gender Agnostic)

इसका कितना मूल्य है?—Iskā Kitanā Mūlya Hai?

ये कितने का है?—Ye Kitane Kā Hai?

  1. I will take this. This is good.

मैं ये ले लूँगा। ये ठीक है।–Mai’ṅ Ye Le Lū’ṅgā. Ye Ṭhīka Hai. (Male)

मैं ये ले लूँगी। ये ठीक है।–Mai’ṅ Ye Le Lū’ṅgī. Ye Ṭhīka Hai. (Female)

  1. I want to buy some clothes.

मैं कुछ कपड़े खरीदना चाहता हूँ।–Mai’ṅ  Kucha Kapaḍe Kharīdanā Cāhatā Hū’ṅ. (Male)

मैं कुछ कपड़े खरीदना चाहती हूँ।–Mai’ṅ  Kucha Kapaḍe Kharīdanā Cāhatī Hū’ṅ. (Female)

  1. This is a smaller size; I need a bigger one. (Gender Agnostic)

ये छोटा है, मुझे बड़ा चाहिये।–Ye Choṭā Hai, Mujhe Baḍā Cāhiye.

  1. I am feeling hungry. (Gender Agnostic)

मुझे भूख लगी है।–Mujhe Bhūkha Lagī Hai.

  1. Is there a good eating joint near-by? (Gender Agnostic)

क्या यहाँ आस-पास कोई अच्छी खाने की जगह है?—Kyā Yahā’ṅ Āsa-Pāsa Koī Khāne Kī Acchī Jagaha Hai?



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